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      Google Import Problems

      Posted by: Steve
      Most Recent by: András on 2017/10/17 at 5:10am in: Event Aggregator

      I’m having two problems importing events from a Google Calendar, using Event Aggregator: 1) It’s set to a limit of 100 events, but it typically stops at either 30 or 45 at a time. 2) Every time the importer runs, it imports a DUPLICATE event, on t…

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    • 10/17/17
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      iCal Importer imports ical recurring all on the same date 1 2

      Posted by: Carla
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2017/10/04 at 3:55pm

      Hi similar issue as all repeat events are being imported as the same date Could you please let me know if another paid plugin is required or if thi…

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    • 10/4/17
    • Solved Closed
      Excerpts not being imported

      Posted by: Christopher
      Most Recent by: Nico Santos on 2017/09/07 at 8:54am

      Hi, when I import events from one site to another, the excerpts are not being imported at all. Because of this the description of an event is displayed in the list view for example instead of the excerpt. How can I fix this issue? Many thanks in advance!

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    • 9/7/17
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      Recurring import duplicating events

      Posted by: Jason Sears
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/09/02 at 9:35am

      It seems that each time the importer runs, it creates a totally new event post with all of the same information. I’ve seen other posts in the forum about this issue and am hoping you can tell me why it’s happening and how to fix it. The URL of the…

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    • 9/2/17
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      Connect Facebook to Event Aggregator

      Posted by: housegrafic
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/09/02 at 9:35am in: Event Aggregator

      Hello I’m having the same problem as Chris today. When I select to import events from Facebook, now for the first time it’s asking me to log into Facebook and connect my Facebook account to The Events Calendar for this to work. But then I get a hung scree…

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    • 9/2/17
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      Event times are WAY off on iCal import

      Posted by: Luke
      Most Recent by: Shelby on 2017/08/31 at 11:14am

      Hi, I’m impressed that iCal data can be imported — BUT the import is useless since the times are so far off. An event at 7pm shows up at like 2a.m. It looks like others are having this problem too. This really has to be fixed soon. If times aren&#…

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    • 8/31/17
    • Solved Closed
      Calendar import from google missing events 1 2

      Posted by: Nick
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/07/12 at 9:35am

      I was reviewing my events that are imported from my Google Calendar and not all of the events are imported. This is my Google Calendar: If you look at May 3, 2017 at 6pm it shows …

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    • 7/12/17
    • Solved Closed
      Image Import

      Posted by: Susan
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/27 at 9:35am

      I just switched to the Events Calendar from another service. So far, I love the Calendar, but I just realized that it doesn’t import images from a feed. The previous plugin I used did. I’ll end up having to manually go into each imported event and…

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    • 6/27/17
    • Solved Closed
      iCal aggregation importing events with wrong time

      Posted by: Luke
      Most Recent by: Support Droid on 2017/06/14 at 9:35am

      Hi, I tried to import all the iCal feeds on the following link ( and the event data all imported correctly except for all the events showing up as like 2 a.m. instead of the correct time. Can you let me know what’…

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    • 6/14/17
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      Event Aggregator: Wrong time using iCalendar-Import

      Posted by: Michael
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/14 at 9:35am

      Hi guys, I need to import a ICS-Source file with Event Aggregator what works without any problem. However the time is always one hour before the original file (-1 hour). I have tried to change the time zone settings of the website (general -> settings) ho…

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    • 6/14/17
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      500 Internal Server Error

      Posted by: Holly
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/09 at 9:35am

      I’ve tried removing the .htaccess and loading a new one, adding a php.ini, disabling all other plug-ins, changing my theme to wordpress 2016 theme all while continually clearing my cache. It still will not import the Google Calendar, not sure what else …

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    • 6/9/17
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      Customize Imported Fields

      Posted by: atomicdust
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/10 at 9:35am

      Hello, We have a calendar feed that looks like this: BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:REQUEST X-PUBLISHED-TTL:PT2H BEGIN:VEVENT UID:12579 DTSTAMP:20170410T161732Z organizer:bodeg@#########.### DTSTART:20160103T210000Z STATUS:CONFIRMED DESCRIPTION:Guest Hou…

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    • 5/10/17
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      Wrong Venue with ical import

      Posted by: Casey
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/04/22 at 9:35am

      We have several different calendars we’re importing into our site. One calendar specifically (UTD) won’t pull in the correct venue. The google calendar we’re imported from is correct, but it’s assigning a different venue when the websi…

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    • 4/22/17
    • Solved Closed
      Import Autotag Revisited

      Posted by: Scott
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/28 at 9:35am

      Hi, I’m interested in this earlier thread: Is is possible to do dynamic tagging with imported calendars too? Something like: – Import of Google Calendar 1 with “x” keyw…

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    • 3/28/17
    • Solved Closed
      Scheduled Import Fails

      Posted by: Joseph Moss
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/07 at 8:35am

      Clicking “Run Import” will run the import successfully but every time it tries to automatically run, it will fail. What additional information can I provide to help find a solution? It will load about 650 events each time. It is set for Daily imp…

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    • 3/7/17
    • Solved Closed
      Cannot use the new import events tab.

      Posted by: Scott
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/01 at 8:35am

      I have tried uploading venues and events in the new import events tab and I always get this error. (Shown in the first picture upload) Yes i have tried deactivating the onld ical and facebook importers with no help. The only thing that works for me is if I …

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    • 3/1/17
    • Solved Closed
      Can't Log in to Facebook

      Posted by: brittlhb
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/02/28 at 8:35am

      When I Click the Log into Facebook link, rather than logging into FB, the screen redirects to my calendar on the live site. I moved the license code to a test site with my same theme and disabled all the plugins – The same issue as above happened. Then…

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    • 2/28/17
    • Solved Closed
      Newbie need to understand how to use iCal

      Posted by: Martin Gorm
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/02/25 at 8:35am

      Hi support, I purchased a license for the “Event Aggregator” but is not sure how to proceed. I expected a web interface where I could add iCal feeds but that does not seem to be available? The overall objective was to: 1) Buy a license for an onli…

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    • 2/25/17
    • Solved Closed
      Export Events or Venues Files in a csv file or otherwise.

      Posted by: Scott
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/02/24 at 8:35am

      Hi, Is there anyway of exporting your Events or your Venues to cross check against a new event list in Excel? So that you don’t double up on events by importing again and having it add the event if one of the fields is different. Thank you Event Calenda…

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    • 2/24/17
    • Solved Closed
      How to bulk delete ignored events ?

      Posted by: Nicolas
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/31 at 8:35am

      Hi, my calendar stocks hundreds of ignored event and I would like to trash them. Step my step, my event public and database are going slower and slower. In order too boost them, I wonder how to fulfil this task in one script ? Empty one ignored event after an…

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    • 1/31/17
    • Solved Closed
      iCal Refund

      Posted by: Steve Guy
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/31 at 8:35am

      Back in August I renewed my iCal Importer plugin. I see now that it is being discontinued, and that the aggregator plugin is replacing it. I also see that you have given me access to the aggregator and we’ve been told to migrate to the aggregator (way f…

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    • 1/31/17
    • Solved Closed
      Duplicate events issue

      Posted by: Khanh
      Most Recent by: Hunter on 2017/01/26 at 11:11am

      Greetings, iCal Impoter version 4.2.5 I added a daily import of an iCal feed and selected an option to overwrite existing events. I go to the feed source to update the event’s title I go back to the Importer and refresh the feed. A new event is created…

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    • 1/26/17
    • Solved Closed
      Aggregator not logging into Facebook

      Posted by: Tracy
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/24 at 8:35am

      Exact same issue as in previous threads. After trying to log into Facebook, it goes to a 404 page. I deactivated the theme to check for conflicts and tried it in Chrome and IE.

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    • 1/24/17
    • Solved Closed
      Event Updating Incorrectly 1 2

      Posted by: Samuel
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/11 at 8:35am

      I noticed today that when I make a change to an event at Google calendar, it doesn’t update the change at the site. Even after I manually make the change to the event at the site, it reverts it back to the old information even though that isn’t ho…

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    • 1/11/17
    • Solved Closed
      iCal Importer no longer supported?

      Posted by: Karla Rothan
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/03 at 8:35am

      Hi, We purchased the iCal Importer at the end of September and gearing up right now to set up iCal importer for Google Calendars. Now I see it is no longer supported and replaced with the Events Aggregator. It indicates licenses will be given to iCal Importer…

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    • 1/3/17
    • Solved Closed
      Office 365 Integration

      Posted by: Simon Groves
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/17 at 8:35am

      Hello! In short, I’m trying to link a client’s Office 365 calendar to the Events Calendar Pro installed currently on their website. I have read through some other support queries surrounding this, but can’t come to a solid conclusion as to w…

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    • 12/17/16
    • Solved Closed
      iCal import does not work

      Posted by: david
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/15 at 8:35am

      After selecting the type in ical one-time import nothing appears. See screenshot. WORDPRESS 4.6.1 (also 4.5) The Events Calendar: iCal Importer Version

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    • 12/15/16
    • Solved Closed
      Adding a label to a scheduled import

      Posted by: Philippa Hewett
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/14 at 8:35am

      Hi, When creating a scheduled import of an iCal feed, it would be really useful if there were a field to add a label to the schedule. One of our sites imports 10 icalendar feeds form and they are all listed as – …

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    • 12/14/16
    • Solved Closed
      Event Aggregator BROKE my iCal Import

      Posted by: Ed Hurley
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/09 at 8:35am

      Events Calendar. We had set up a multi-site license for the ical importer across 120+ sites and noticed that our site has broke since you have changed to the events calendar. This is the WORST possible time for something like this to happen as we are launch…

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    • 12/9/16
    • Solved Closed
      iCal URL of all events within Events Calendar?

      Posted by: Christopher
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2016/12/07 at 4:45am

      Hi, we have two websites, on we have The Events Calendar with Events Tickets Plus installed and manage all events there. On we also have The Events Calendar, but with the iCal Importer. There we just want to automatically import all events fro…

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    • 12/7/16
    • Solved Closed
      The iCal plugin I purchased today is not working.

      Posted by: John
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/02 at 8:35am

      The iCal plugin I purchased today is not working. All the past support issues say to upgrade servers, reduce date range, segment imports, disable and test without other plugins, disable and test with TwentyFourteen theme – all of which I have done. It…

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    • 12/2/16
    • Solved Closed
      Ical importer duplicating imported events

      Posted by: Raymond Foresman
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/11/25 at 8:35am

      so ive seen very similar threads but nothing that really helped me resolve the issue – so i apologize if its the same issue as others and i just missed the solution. So my site is a Chicago sports bar…and to help my clientele i am using the events…

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    • 11/25/16
    • Solved Closed
      Import Calendar from our main site to another website

      Posted by: Louise
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/11/24 at 8:35am

      Hello, We purchased iCal Importer a little while ago under the impression that we could import the events from one of our calendar to one on another site ( We were going to do this since embedding the calendar is not an option. I followed t…

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    • 11/24/16
    • Solved Closed
      Aggregator can't log onto Facebook

      Posted by: Andrew Singer
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/11/16 at 7:12am

      Hello I’m having the same problem as Chris today. When I select to import events from Facebook, now for the first time it’s asking me to log into Facebook and connect my Facebook account to The Events Calendar for this to work. But then I get a hu…

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    • 11/16/16
    • Solved Closed
      Deleting all content

      Posted by: Gabriel
      Most Recent by: Hunter on 2016/11/11 at 9:07am

      I am trying to do a clean install of your plugin to get rid of all the events that imported from the iCal importer. I have over 3,000 events imported (many are duplicates) and it is quite a mess so I wanted to try using your Event Aggregator instead and start…

    • 5
    • 11/11/16

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