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      Not Importing All Events

      Posted by: Michelle Jensen
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2017/09/18 at 7:20am

      Hey, Had a few FB pages not being pulled. For example, I have it setup for automatic pull and it says it’s pulled them but they don’t show in the calendar.…

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    • 9/18/17
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook imports failing

      Posted by: Angie
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2017/09/08 at 7:11am

      Many of my Facebook scheduled imports are now showing as unknown and failed under history. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting Facebook but after the next import it is still showing many as failed.

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    • 9/8/17
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      Facebook Duplicate Events After Update

      Posted by: Joanna
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2017/09/06 at 4:03pm

      After the plugin update, I started getting a lot of facebook import duplicate events. event event-2 event-3 I use the setting “Full Styles’ Please help. Before the update this never happened. Also, some of the imports aren’t importing at a…

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    • 9/6/17
    • Solved Closed
      Issue with intallation

      Posted by: Ellen Thelin
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/09/05 at 9:35am

      I purchased the facebook importer so that I could get the posts from my nonprofit facebook group to show up in the calendar. When I went to set it up, I was given message that I had to purchase something else. I am confused because I just spend $89 to do this.

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    • 9/5/17
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      Transfer of the purchase price to Facebook pixels

      Posted by: punctilio
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/08/31 at 9:35am

      Hello I would need a solution to pass the shopping value to Facebook pixels. I have “The Event Calendar PRO”, where plug-in products for WooCommerce are created via “Event Ticket”. I would gladly transfer the purchase value and the pro…

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    • 8/31/17
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      Seeking refund

      Posted by: Katherine Quigley
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/08/09 at 9:35am

      We purchased your plugin to import Facebook events from our Facebook Page into our website and it would cause a 504 error. Three times we tried to use it, having to put the site back up each time. We have found another solution that does not cause this issue …

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    • 8/9/17
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      Facebook events

      Posted by: Bjrn
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/07/12 at 9:35am

      Is there any possibility to share events from Facebook site to websites main page and also send specific events to a groups own calendar ?

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    • 7/12/17
    • Solved Closed
      Importing Facebook is not done

      Posted by: Carolyn
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/07/06 at 9:35am

      I’m having th4e same problem and I have many, many listing so doing each one manually is kinda a pain. I’ve been go back and activate the old Facebook importer to find events that need to be imported. Carolyn ======================== PLEASE LEAV…

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    • 7/6/17
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      Renewal of Facebook Events plugin

      Posted by: spottedinely
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/29 at 9:35am

      So I just went to upgrade our Calender Pro and Facebook Events plugin, which you had automatically in the basket only to find out that Facebook Events plugin is now retired!! I want my money back please and asap

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    • 6/29/17
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      new URL of our business. Invalid license

      Posted by: Xavier
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/19 at 9:35am

      Hi! Our business has changed his URL from to and now the plugin to import Facebook events does not work because (I supose) there is a problem with the license. Please, can you change it?? Thanks Bet regards

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    • 6/19/17
    • Solved Closed
      broken images

      Posted by: Xavier
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/13 at 9:35am

      Hi! Since last update of plugin and WP (Today) when I import Facebook events, Image are broken and I have to upload it manually. How can I solve it? Thanks

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    • 6/13/17
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook token?

      Posted by: Michael
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/01 at 9:35am

      Should I be ignoring this warning? Your Event Aggregator Facebook token has expired about 1 week ago. Renew your Event Aggregator Facebook token

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    • 6/1/17
    • Solved Closed
      Auto re-synchronizing events?

      Posted by: Simone Scott Warren
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/31 at 9:35am

      Often after importing an event from Facebook, changes are made to the Facebook event, the title the text etc (for example, we use it for gigs, so we might add a support band, change the text to indicate it is sold out etc) Obviously you can use the re-synchro…

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    • 5/31/17
    • Solved Closed
      Scheduler loses Facebook import tasks

      Posted by: Donald
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/23 at 9:35am

      I’ve turned on full logging and checked to allow access by ECP technical support within help. I have also added a scheduled import from to per the screenshot. Typically, the scheduled task will disappear …

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    • 5/23/17
    • Solved Closed
      Whacky ECP Widget display and styling/CSS

      Posted by: pruneau
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/13 at 9:35am

      ECP Widget display + styling It appears that the default CSS for the ECP widget is all new, right? We have a STICKY event on the home page for an upcoming event and it is NOT displaying in a footer widget on the home page. Look here, bottom left footer widget…

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    • 5/13/17
    • Solved Closed
      Event Aggregrator

      Posted by: pruneau
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/12 at 9:35am

      ECP team, I am a long time user of ECP and FBEvents. I received notice via email that I need to purchase EVENT AGGREGRATOR. We are pulling events from FB into one ECP instance for a client. I purchased the EVENT AGGREGRATOR at your site and I’m now conf…

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    • 5/12/17
    • Solved Closed
      Urgent. Event showing over 2 day period

      Posted by: BRETT
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/04 at 9:36am

      Hi, I have used the CSV import tool and it is importing the events whcih run from 11:59pm to 6am the following day. Unfortunately the event is showing up as 2 days which makes the calendar look somewhat undesirable and confusing. Could someone advise why it i…

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    • 5/4/17
    • Solved Closed
      Doing it wrong ?

      Posted by: James
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/04/13 at 3:45am

      I have events that have been cancelled / deleted on Facebook, but still show up on website. How can I set that up to automatically remove cancelled events or do I have to drop that element all over again in my WP site? Thanks for any help!

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    • 4/13/17
    • Solved Closed
      Will Events Aggregator do what I need it to due?

      Posted by: media325
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/04/08 at 9:35am

      I currently have about 400 organizers (that number will be growing). With FB Events I can run the import and selectively choose which of the events are relevant and proceed to import the events I choose. Will Events aggregator mimic this functionality? I do…

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    • 4/8/17
    • Solved Closed
      Event Aggregator

      Posted by: Carolyn
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/04/07 at 9:35am

      I just got this email that this has expired. I renewed it on March 1. Please fix!!! Thanks, Carolyn Hey Carolyn, We wanted to let you know that your Event Aggregator 100 Imports License has expired. To continue receiving support and updates, please renew y…

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    • 4/7/17
    • Solved Closed
      Import history errors and duplicate scheduled imports

      Posted by: J
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/22 at 9:35am

      Hello, My import history is showing multiple errors however my scheduled imports look OK. I have ran a one time import of a failed scheduled import with no issue. I am finding it very hard to tell if the imports are actually failing or not as it would appea…

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    • 3/22/17
    • Solved Closed
      A Few Problems

      Posted by: Stephen
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/16 at 9:35am

      Problem #1: I am trying to make my tooltip clickable so that it takes people directly to the facebook page from which I am importing events. Problem #2: My tooltip file is currently clickable now, and takes you to the event page inside events calendar, but th…

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    • 3/16/17
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook Events License

      Posted by: Rockport
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/14 at 9:35am

      I purchased Facebooks events and the website said I need aggregator. I put the license code in for aggregator and it tells me its invalid. Facebook events is deactivated on my wordpress site. Still doesn’t work.

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    • 3/14/17
    • Solved Closed
      Error when importing events

      Posted by: mathieu
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/08 at 8:35am

      Good afternoon, When i am importing the events from Facebook, in the section import – History, each events shows an error on it’s side, but i don’t have a clue about what it is referring to (See attached file). And it’s now 3 weeks tha…

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    • 3/8/17
    • Solved Closed
      Events from Facebook for Business

      Posted by: Matt
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/03/04 at 8:35am

      Hi there, We have been importing events from the following Facebook page: But now they are migrating over to the following url: Do we continue to use the sa…

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    • 3/4/17
    • Solved Closed
      Fatal error when I try to deactivate Facebook Event plugin

      Posted by: JOSE
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/02/22 at 8:35am

      Good evening, I have some problems when I try to migrate to Event Aggregator plugin (I have FB events 4.2). When I try to deactivate FB events plugin, I have a fatal error. For luck, it’s a temporary fatal error, because the site restarts to work soon. …

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    • 2/22/17
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook Events error message

      Posted by: Mike
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/02/02 at 8:35am

      Hi, I bought two licenses from you guys, Events aggregator and Events Calendar. I see you are phasing out Facebook events, why do i still get this error message: It looks like you’re using The Events Calendar: Facebook Events, but the license key you su…

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    • 2/2/17
    • Solved Closed
      After update the events don't show up anymore

      Posted by: Kathy
      Most Recent by: Hunter on 2017/01/31 at 7:08pm

      Hi, I updated the theme and plugins on one of our websites, and the events don’t show up anymore in the calendar or in the shortcode on the home page. I didn’t look for an plugin conflict as it was working before update and didn’t install a…

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    • 1/31/17
    • Solved Closed
      Event Content Imports as One Long Paragraph

      Posted by: Rion
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/01/10 at 8:35am

      Hi, I have a nightclub client using the Facebook importer for events. When you click on the single event all of the text within the body of the event gets jumbled into one long paragraph. I have the events calendar on another couple of sites and it doesn̵…

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    • 1/10/17
    • Solved Closed
      Need refund on Calendar Pro and Tickets Pro

      Posted by: Gerald
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/27 at 8:35am

      Hi there, I purchased the pro versions of Calendar and TIckets pro for a project I’m working on but we’ve decided not to use this option going forward as it doesn’t meet the needs of the project. Can you please refund these two items? I no l…

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    • 12/27/16
    • Solved Closed
      Lots of problems but not expired

      Posted by: Lauren
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/22 at 8:35am

      I am currently getting the message “You have entered a license key for The Events Calendar: Facebook Events but the key is out of installs. Visit the Events Calendar website to to manage your installs, upgrade your license, or purchase a new one.”…

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    • 12/22/16
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook import + WPML

      Posted by: rdesignsro
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/20 at 8:35am

      Hello, I’am using your Events Calendar + Facebook Importer with WPML plugin. I have website in 2 languages. In primary language are events loaded, but in second language are no events… Can I somehow completely disable translation for 2nd language…

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    • 12/20/16
    • Solved Closed
      The Events Calendar: Facebook Events or Aggregator??

      Posted by: 2ndwing
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/20 at 7:20am

      Hi, I have recently renewed my Events Calendar Pro and Facebook Events. Now I’m requested to upgrade the Aggregator as well. I have never bout the Aggregator and I’m not sure why should I need it. But, the fact is that I do have paid for the Faceb…

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    • 12/20/16
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook Events vs Events Aggregatior?

      Posted by: Gerhard
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2016/12/14 at 8:35am

      Hey Dudes! So um, I’m confused – I just bought Facebook events to pull in events into Events Calendar but I noticed now there is something called Events Aggregator… which is a separate product, costs the same and does much more? The Facebook…

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    • 12/14/16
    • Solved Closed
      Facebook venue not importing

      Posted by: Cody
      Most Recent by: Hunter on 2016/12/12 at 10:45pm

      Hi There, I am using the auto import feature for Facebook events and only a few of the venues for imported events seem to be importing along with everything else. Any ideas? I looked at the events individually and compared those importing, to those that a…

    • 9
    • 12/12/16

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