Release: WooCommerce Tickets 3.4.1 (hotfix)

Hi folks: just a heads up that we’ve pushed out a WooCommerce Tickets 3.4.1 update, which is meant as a hotfix to address the incompatibilities with WooCommerce 2.1 detailed in this support thread. We also incorporated a handful of new translation files provided by community members while we’re at it. Specific changes:

  • Compatibility fixes for WooCommerce 2.1, thanks to reports from George (ivideoweb)
  • Incorporates new Portuguese translation files, courtesy of Hugo Malhoa
  • Incorporates updated Spanish translation files, courtesy of Jesus Arpon
  • Incorporates updated Romanian translation files, courtesy of Cosmin Vaman
  • Incorporates updated Dutch translation files, courtesy of J.F.M. Cornelissen and Frans Pronk
  • Incorporates new Norwegian (Nynorsk) translation files, courtesy of Torbjørn Lauen

None of our other plugins were impacted by this update. Thanks to everyone for their patience the past 24 hours as we worked to get this fixed! Let us know if you notice any problems.