Release: The Events Calendar 3.12.2, plus PRO, iCal Importer and Eventbrite Tickets 3.12.1

Hey there and happy Wednesday! We’re still hard at work on building the next new version of The Events Calendar and will have some exciting news to share with what to expect. In the meantime, we have a maintenance release ready for you that we suggest installing if you’ve already updated to version 3.12. And, if you haven’t update to 3.12, here’s what you’re missing and what to expect before you level up.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in this release — happy updating!


The Events Calendar 3.12.2

  • Fix – restore expected functionality for the Hide from Event Listings option
  • Fix – ensure the correct day is highlighted in month view, regardless of the site’s timezone (our thanks to @james for making us aware of this)
  • Fix – improve compatibility with the standard WordPress import tool (our thanks to @joelgoodman for highlighting this)
  • Fix – ensure our URLs are compatible with pathinfo-style permalink structures (thanks to @mill.joes and others for make us aware of this)

The Events Calendar PRO 3.12.1

  • Fix – Ensure all event views work reliably event if the permalinks are translated or otherwise customized (our thanks to Antonio Jose and many others for reporting this)
  • Fix – Ensure the “/all/” events link works reliably regardless of where it is used (our thanks to Corey and others for the report)
  • Fix – Ensure integration of events in the main blog loop does not cause breakages (our thanks to cwheelsone, Tracey and many others on the forums for reporting this)
  • Fix – Prevent the AM/PM selector from reversing itself when setting up custom recurrence patterns (thanks to Sitecrafting for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Fixed a fatal error that could occur when setting up multiple custom recurrence patterns (thanks to Adam for the heads up on this one)
  • Fix – Fixed a bug preventing custom exclusions for recurring event patterns from being observed (thanks go out to nancytimper for highlighting this issue)
  • Fix – Fixed a problem that could lead visitors to a 404/Not Found page when following certain recurring event URLs
  • Fix – Fixed a bug preventing the removal of recurrence rules
  • Fix – Fixed a bug stopping custom recurrence times and durations from being respected
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where specifying a custom time for a recurring event could incorrectly trigger an error
  • Tweak – Tighten up the cleanup of old recurring events to reduce the possibility of non-event posts being inadvertently removed

iCal Importer 3.12.1

  • Fix – Prevent changes to existing imported events from being overwritten (our thanks to @Allison for the report)

Eventbrite Tickets 3.12.1

  • Fix – Resolve a problem where ticket sale dates could not always be set to valid dates (our thanks to @d20games for reporting this)
  • Fix – Avoid rounding the number of minutes for an event start/end time when it is not an increment of 5