Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.5

Almost a month to the day after pushing our 2.0.4 code base, today marks the release of The Events Calendar & The Events Calendar PRO 2.0.5. The code includes some bug fixes and new features (a snazzy, totally re-done Settings page among them)…along with including the hooks needed to integrate with Eventbrite Ticketing & Community Events Add-ons which should be out quite soon.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.5:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Warning messages to indicate if you’re not running the latest version of PRO and/or if your PRO & core release numbers are out of sync
  • Totally revamped “Settings” page with tabbed structure & improved UI
  • Added a hook/filter to make it easier to modify the frontend year selection dropdown, as discussed in this forum thread (more documentation on the filters and how they work is right here).
  • Updated all country selection dropdowns with Chosen
  • Incorporated a “This Event Has Passed” message that appears on any single event entry when that event has already occurred
  • Added ability to filter the iCal Feed item generated by the calendar
  • Removed strip_shortcodes from the code to allow for unhindered shortcodes in event descriptions
  • New Polish translation files for core & PRO courtesy of community member Kamil Szymański
  • New Swedish translation files for core & PRO courtesy of community member Ben Andersen
  • New Norwegian translation files for core & PRO courtesy of community member “Terje With Lunndal”

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple bugs fixes related to how venue & organizer data is saved, displayed & edited
  • Increased iCal stability when working with recurring events, as discussed in this forum thread (big thanks to Andy Fragen for his help!)
  • Stopped pointing to dead links to help keep days with no events from negatively impacting SEO, as discussed in this forum thread
  • Featured images for recurring events no longer get lost upon making changes to the recurrence pattern, as discussed in this forum thread
  • Sites running UTC offset time zone settings no longer see end dates appearing as “0:00”
  • Venue pages now show all upcoming events at a venue, regardless of pagination settings
  • Frontend venue pages no longer show past events, as discussed in this forum thread (PRO only)
  • Recurrence column no longer appears in the admin events list when PRO is not activated
  • Apostrophes no longer become slashes upon saving data in custom fields
  • Resolved an issue impacting certain sites where gridview navigation inserted br and p tags into the markup that threw the month nav off in the layout, as discussed in this forum thread
  • Various performance enhancements for the integrated Advanced Post Manager (PRO only)
  • Various preparatory updates to allow for integration with forthcoming add-ons
  • Removed deprecated tags from overall code base
  • Removal of various debug notices & errors

Also worth checking out: we’ve published an all-new TribeSettings API documentation this week. It may be of some value as you dig into the new release.

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  1. I’m excited to see this new UX design!

    Thanks for the status update 😀

    1. Excellent to hear, – we certainly appreciate the words. Let us know if we can do anything else.

  2. RE: events calendar pro

    I can’t seem to figure out a way to download updates? Is there a way?

    I bought this plugin on… where it is (obviously) no longer available.

    I do have the license certificate from

    (main feature I’m missing and need is recurring events)

    1. Hi Jason. Thanks for checking in – I’ve just sent you an email to the address you provided detailing what’s next. Let’s continue the discussion over there.

  3. Just thought I’d share that I love this calendar–and I can’t wait until the new Community add-on is finished! That will make life soooo much easier! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jessica! That’s awesome to hear and validates why we’re doing this 🙂 Community is just in the last QA stages and should be out VERY soon.

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