Release: Shopp Tickets 3.3

Today marked the release of the latest plugin to join our tickets framework: Shopp Tickets! As you might expect by the name, Shopp Tickets harnesses the power of the Shopp e-commerce plugin to add frontend ticket sales to your events.

Shopp, which just recently made it’s debut on the repo, is a killer plugin and we’re stoked to have Barry Hughes — who operates both on our dev team and Shopp’s — as the lead dev behind Shopp Tickets. As we continue to build out our tickets framework we’re hoping to do some very neat things with how you ticket your events.

If you check out Shopp Tickets and have questions, hit us up on the newly-created Shopp Tickets forum. And don’t forget about our new user primer if you’re unsure about the basics of setting up/using the plugin.