WordPress Plugins Released: Events + Eventbrite

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Update: Thank you so much for all the nice emails and interest we have received. If you are looking for technical support, please read through the support forum and if you don’t find your answer create a new thread.

We have just open sourced two plugins and would love a review / thoughts for future directions, improvement and any wisdom on promoting an open source wordpress plugin.


The Events Calendar plugin enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the post editor. Features include optional Eventbrite integration, Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined one click installation.


Register attendees and gather money for your events. Eventbrite is FREE for no-charge events and takes a small commission for each ticket sold. This is the easiest and best way to manage your events and now it plugs directly into WordPress!!!

Eventbrite for The Events Calendar adds Eventbrite integration to The Events Calendar. This plugin depends on The Events Calendar and has no standalone functionality. Both plugins need to be activated in order for Eventbrite functionality to work.

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  1. Hello!

    After months of searching for a good calendar for publishing events, i found yours! You guys made my day!

    It works smothly, even though i have not figured out every aspect of the plugin.

    This evening i have mostly made a translation of the plugin to swedish. But i have also tried to publish some events.

    Maybe i have just missed something, but i have some questions:

    1. Is it possible to post an event ONLY to the events calendar, and not to the regular blog posts? How do i do that?

    2. Can i change the coding so that the week will start with monday? (Thats how we do it in Sweden)

    3. In Sweden we only use 24-hour system. It would be nice if the plugin supported that on the dropdowns in the meta box (adminpages). Is that possible?

    Im sure i will have some more questions later, but for now i just want to say: great job guys, i will support this project as much as i can!

    / Kaj

  2. Hi,
    Is it possible to have file .po for traslation in Italian.
    Many Thanks, bye, bye

    1. The .po file was included with the plugin in the latest release.

  3. Shane, we did an italian translation?

  4. Nope, we made a .po file so that Maurizio can translate it to italian for us!

    So far we have had contributors donate Swedish and French.

  5. I’m newbye with traslation, but I will try in the next day and I will send you the .po file.

  6. Hello,

    I love the potential of the Eventbrite for Event Calendar plugin, but I cannot get it to work. When I try to activate it, I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_version() in C:wampwwwwp-contentpluginseventbrite-for-the-events-calendareventbrite-for-the-events-calendar.php on line 78

    Help! Thanks. -Seth

    1. Hi Seth,

      This is a known error, often caused by your server running in safe mode (soon to be deprecated). We will apply a patch to the eventbrite plugin for the next release. Thanks for letting us know.

      You can get support by going here: http://wordpress.org/tags/the-events-calendar?forum_id=10

  7. Hi Seth,

    I noticed from the path in your error message that you’re using wamp. A quick google about php’s curl in wamp reveals that others who use wamp having problems getting curl to run too. I found a post from someone who seems to know how to do it:


    I’m guessing that if you can get wamp to install curl or you can move the project to a live server, the problem should go away.


  8. Thanks for the help, it did seem to be the wamp. A few more questions/requests:

    1) Can I embed Eventful’s “Demand It” button onto an individual event page?
    2) Is there a shortcode I can use to put the event list in a post?
    3) Can I divide events into different calendars or event lists by category? (eg, a list of conferences in one place, a list of workshops in another, etc)?
    4) How do I insert a calendar or list into my theme?

    Thanks! -Seth

  9. Seth – can you move your questions to a new thread on the forum?


  10. great plug in guys – since this is the first time i am using on a public website that has earned me some money i will make sure i donate!!

    Just a quick question:
    – Even if I dont fill in anything in the “Venue” Box in the event details for a post – it shows up as Venue: [Blank] on the individual post. What to do to have it not show up at all?


    1. Hi Aveesh,

      Can you file the request in the forum and one of the contributors will reply.

  11. I’m still pretty green on the WordPress scene. Has anyone put together instuctions for posting the calendar to a page?

    I have the plugin installed and widget working (very easy), I just don’t know how to get the list view on a page.

  12. Hi there, when I try to activate the plugin I get this message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONST, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /***/***/***/***/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/the-events-calendar.php on line 14

    Any clue what happens there?
    I uploadet the File first directly from WordPress.
    Then I uploaded with FTP Binary.
    Still same problem

    any clue?


    1. Hi Shogun,

      This issue has been addressed in the forum: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/354560

      In short you need to run at least php 5.1 on your server and this error comes from running a previous version of php.

  13. Hi Shane
    thanks for your super fast reply / Help.



  14. Hi,

    I too am a wordpress newby, and would like to know, like WessleyMedia, how to display the calendar in a page. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for that anywhere…

    Many thanks,

  15. Great plug in, very easy to use. I have a couple issues though. Im inputting the price for the event but it keeps posting as free on the website? Sorry im so new to all of this stuff. also my calendar is not showing up properly

    1. Free was the default for a blank cost. We have changed that for the next release.

      For any specific support, please go post to the support forum.

  16. We’re building a large free and paid membership mu site and see Events management as a key feature.

    What do you suggest as the best way to manage and control multiple members posting their events with us? e.g. separate blogs vs one central events blog. Separate or one central Eventbrite account.

    Do you have any example sites that are using eventbrite and your plugins that I can check out?

    thanks for your help.


  17. Hi there! I was wondering – I’m also new at WP and I think your plug in is perfect. Though it’s not showing properly on this page http://www.melangearuba.com/?cat=3&eventDisplay=month – Somehow it takes the month February in Calendar View and make the columns of thursday, friday and saturday extremely narrow. I’ve placed a test event for this friday, you will see it doesn’t display right.

    Can you advise? I’m running PHP5 and WP 2.9.1 (latest release).


    1. Hi Deanna, Thanks for the kind words. It looks great in your site!

      As far as i can tell the last 3 table columns of the grid have a class “right” which is causing them to look a little funky. You need to remove the “right” class from them.

      Screenshot of the broken columns

      Element Inspection of the calendar table

  18. Hi deanna,

    The issue you are dealing with has been addressed in the forum here:


  19. Shane,

    Wonderful! This is my first installation of wordpress and the first of everything within it. Since I’m part of the group I wanted to create something to keep people posted about us… Your Events Calendar is the best one out there suiting my needs! With regards to the problem, I blindly dug into the plugins editor and made the changes – hoping I was doing it right and yes! It’s fixed! Maybe you can guide to find how to adjust the following too. When you click here http://www.melangearuba.com/?cat=3&eventDisplay=month on the event of Feb 21, you’ll see that the font below the line is larger than the one above of the line. Where can I make the font smaller? I appreciate your assistance! Sunny regards from Aruba!

  20. Hi, after translate ( thank for notice in wordpress site), I’ve a little problem, peraphs with wordpress, I don’t know.

    With New release I’ve all in Italian , perfect, in in front-end the months are in English,.

    I don’t be able to understan where I can change this value.

    If a question is not relevant with Events, sorry.

  21. Great plugin guys!

    As all our events take place at the same venue, it’d be great to have an option in the settings to add a default venue address, then when you add a post there is a a tick box for the default address (or the usual form for a new address).

    Also a currency option and recurring event would be appreciated! Thanks again

    1. BTW – you should submit your requests to the plugin support forum, as that is where community opinion is driving feature set.

      We have the saved venue in the roadmap.

      Can you explain by what you mean for a currency option – just a text field for currency type or do you want the symbols?

      As for reoccuring events, probably wont happen for a short while but the request is a frequent one. A temporary solution is to use: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicate-post/. For the full discussion: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/355982?replies=16#post-1393008

  22. I’d be praising you guys right now because WordPress and Eventbrite is quite possibly the best combination for an event website… but I can’t get it to work 🙁

    I use http://www.1and1.com as a host and it appears their servers use PHP 5.2. Your installation clearly says “PHP 5.1 ONLY!!!!” but is there anything I can do so I can use your plugin?

    Save me please!

    Thanks a million.

    1. Hi Chance,

      There are a few threads in the forum for install issues. Can you check the support forum first and if you don’t see your problem in there, then create a new thread with as much details as possible. The php 5.1 is a minimum, not a requirement.

  23. Hi Shane, with the currency option I mean a way of saying default currency will be X (for example £) and this symbol shows next to all events where there is a cost.

  24. Tried using the plugins: Eventbrite for The Events Calendar AND The Events Calendar.
    My problem lies in the default values (Yes/No) for whether to use the Eventbrite ticket and whether to create a ticket or not (Yes/No).

    On my blog, the eventbrite post defaults to NO but the ticket option is YES causing a problem when I try to save a draft post. WP complains that I am trying to create a ticket without a name. When I inspect the values, it does show the value to be YES when it should be NO for the ticket. How do I change this behavior? I can’t be the only one seeing this…

    I have disable the plugin until I can resolve this issue. It is a pain in the rear to have to keep changing the default values so I can save the post.

    Please advise…

  25. @ Rodney – we found the bug and resolved it in root earlier this week. We are doing a 1.5.5 / 1.5.4 qa round tonight and will release the update as soon as its ready. For the future – please post support requests in the forum, as we activily read it.

  26. Hi

    Thanks for this plugin, it’s great. Nicely laid out and clear.

    I’m running it on a WordPress MU install with Buddypress, a calendar for each of the four group blogs I’m running and one at the top level.

    Whilst I’d love (and can I suggest) an ability to aggregate the four separate calendars feeding into one all inclusive calendar at the top MU install level, I thought I could kinda do this by showing these as an RSS feed of each group blogs event category feed. However, I cannot do this as there is no feed from the events category. I can import feeds of other categories of these four sub-blogs but not the events category.

    Wonder if you might have an solution or explaination to this.

    Any tips appreciated.


  27. Hi Andy,

    The rss feed issue was a bug and has been fixed – it will be out in 1.5.5 or you can do the fix yourself following the directions in this thread: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/354765?replies=12

    BTw- please post any future issues in the support forum.

  28. I’m not usually an all caps kinda dude but,

    PLEASE ASK YOUR SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE FORUM: (http://wordpress.org/tags/the-events-calendar?forum_id=10)

    I’m going to ignore them here since I am the only contributor monitoring our blog but we have 7 different contributors who watch the forum in turns.

  29. When adding a new post, the eventbrite calendar event defaults to YES, but the “the event calendar” defaults to no so I have to set “the event calendar to yes, scroll down the the eventbrite calendar, set the eventbrite calendar to no, scroll up and set “the event calendar to no, then update the post.


    [email protected]

  30. big thx from germany for this plugin :o)

  31. Hi guys and congratulations for this great plugin.
    I have a tiny problem that creates a giant mess.
    When one creates a first event, your program creates a category Events. Then, cos I asked for it, this category appears in the catnav menu of the header.
    Now, if ever I rename the category via wordpress admin page, in order to have another menu title (like “Calendar” instead of “Events”), the whole blog is badly affected, none of the menu works anymore, no more home page, nothing, only one page appears: your calendar of events, the grid. Well, although I like it very much, it’s a bit of a problem…
    Can you guys help me? Thanks A LOT!!!

  32. Gentlemen, thanks for the great plug in. I’m using it on the site above and when I input the location it doesn’t seem to recognize the state. I have the country pull down set for US, did I miss something? Did Michigan secede? Can’t figure out what’s going on here.

  33. Your plugin rocks! Thank you!

  34. hello all,
    thank you for this great plugin!
    I tried to translate into French for the months in the calendar since it is the mess following: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    and when I click on a month there is always the month of January, which appears in the dropdown, yet the url and displays the correct month are: category/events/2010-06/
    What can I do?

    Thank you for your help,

  35. GUys,

    Do you have an ETA for “Sync with Eventbrite (one by one OR full account sync)”. Will this sync User info from EB to WP? And, will this work within the WPMU/BuddyPress environment?



    1. It’s ready for beta. I’ll post a copy of trunk later today. Sync with eb pulls in all events from your eventbrite account and and makes a post for each event in the events calendar. We have not tested in in mu.

  36. Im getting the following error from wordpress, this feature worked ok yesterday, but i needed to make some changes and now cant update or add new event ?

    EventBrite Error

    An error occurred while contacting Eventbrite. Please review your information and try again.
    Status: 0

    can you help ? ive emailed support at eventbrite but its been 2 days now and no reply?

  37. Hi guys,

    It’s a great job. Hope a new version will come soon with a lot of new features 🙂

    Got some questions, don’t know if it’s the right place to ask :

    – is there any way to have at least two different category instead of only “events” one ?

    – is there any possibility to add a line for an url adress aside adress, city… ?

    – is there any way to change and put the link to the event on the title instead of a “More info” which is less SEO optimized ?

    Thanks !!

  38. When adding a new post, the eventbrite calendar event defaults to YES, but the “the event calendar” defaults to no so I have to set “the event calendar to yes, scroll down the the eventbrite calendar, set the eventbrite calendar to no, scroll up and set “the event calendar to no, then update the post.


    [email protected]

  39. Great Plugin! Any chance this plugin is going to be updated to be used as a custom post type?

    1. Definitely, although I can’t give a timeline.

  40. You rock!

  41. Hi,

    I have already installed your plug-in on my educational website and it is working very well.

    My website is promoting educational webinars, workshops and training sessions on photography and most of the time at these events I have famous photographers involved as tutors.

    I have managed to use use a custom field to add the name of the tutor at each event, that was easy, but because I have an high number of events (about 400 events per year) it could be nice and useful to allow users to filter future events by the name of the tutor.

    Is there a way by using your plug-in to allow users to filters the out coming events by a custom field (tutor name) without having to do a local customization to the source code that will prevent from easily update the plug-in in the future?

    Any suggestion will be more than welcome.

    Thank YOU!


    1. Sorry Carlo,

      Nothing that simple. That said, we are considering approaches to custom event meta in ECP 2.0.

  42. Hey, excellent plugin, realy comprehensiv, ical etc. and no probelm in styling it.

    But im experiencing fails when using it on WP3/buddypress.
    When activated it blocks new blogs from beeing created.

    Any plans to make it wp3 / MU compatible?

    1. Yup – but due to the ridiculous amount of support requests we were getting, we released it as a premium plugin.

  43. Fantastic plugin and was excited to find this for a non-profit that does arts events.

    All worked well EXCEPT that in single posts — the plugin wipes out the local styling replacing it with it’s own loop styling. Once I noticed this I tried going the route of a custom template, which seemed easy enough and would give me back styling control. But — freakishly the plugin’s “single.php” then took over my template single.php (never have seen this before but in my WP editing window the single.php code was now the plug-ins even though looking at the file in my ftp it was my original template code). This was in spite of the fact that it resided in a separate directory labeled as directed to “events”.

    All of this aside, I would love to make this work, but if it means integrating it completely into the loop of my template’s single.php that seems rather old school and not very modular. I’d have to completely redo the template from scratch as my template it set up using the new way with a separate loop.php that is then called for in the single.php.

    Is there any way to just call for the plugin elements without replacing in with the plugin’s loop? I saw somewhere you had template tags that could be used, but it seemed like it was broken into very small bits rather than taking a large swath of data. Would really love just to use the block of the “single.php” info without picking up it’s own particular loop.

    Sorry my tech speak is not great. And though I’ve rewritten core wordpress loops before it’s a struggle for a non-coder. Surely there is easier route rather than rewriting the core loop of the plugin or my own template…

    Thank you — hoping you can offer some easier suggestion.

    1. We have created a newer version that is being sold on code canyon (using custom post types) and a number of improvements. I am quite positive that there should not be a conflict with your single post template.

      Your coder speak is fine!

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