The Events Calendar

Howdy all! We’re releasing a quick update that resolves a few issues that customers reported with timezones, multi-day events, and the end-of-day cutoff setting.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

Let’s get to the changelogs:

  • Fix – We have resolved an issue that prevented events from displaying on the correct date when the site timezone settings were different form the calendar’s timezone settings.
  • Fix – We addressed an issue that prevented multi-day events from displaying on the correct days.
  • Fix – The end-of-day cutoff was getting ignored in the calendar’s Day view, but that has been corrected.
  • Fix – We have fixed a number of parameters in the the_post action for the single event view in the redesigned calendar views. This created a plugin conflict with Woody Ad Snippets that is now resolved.
  • Fix – Some folks were seeing 404 errors after updating to 5.0. We found where that was happening and patched it up.