Release: Version 3.1 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar Pro + all add-ons

Today we’ve released the latest maintenance build for The Events Calendar and its stable of premium add-ons. Given the magnitude of the updates (particularly for Community Events), and in keeping consistent with semantic versioning, we’ve bumped all plugin version numbers to 3.1. This means — as of today — there are 3.1 releases available for:

  • The Events Calendar
  • Events Calendar PRO
  • Community Events
  • Facebook Events
  • Eventbrite Tickets
  • WooCommerce Tickets

The Events Calendar 3.1

  • Significant performance improvements to month view (thanks to GrĂ©gory for the initial report!)
  • Improved compatibility with Canvas and other themes by WooThemes (thanks to Paul Pruneau for the heads up!)
  • Fixed several bugs relating to event cutoff times and month view (thanks jadonulrich for the report!)
  • The correct default view now applies to event category listings
  • Tag cloud links now work on both events and non-events pages (thanks to user ‘onelittlemoose’ for the report!)
  • Days with no events are no longer linked from the month view (thanks to reneeyoxon for the original report!)
  • Fixed a bug where the selected category would not apply after you navigate to the next month in Month view (thanks to Kyle for the report!)
  • Fixed bug where comments form would show twice on single events
  • Enabled auto-submissions in situations where classic view is present instead of the event bar (thanks to user wiredimpact for getting the discussion started on this!)
  • Labeling for AJAX and “Classic View” options
  • Updated the French and German translations (French courtesy of Rick….thanks, Rick!)
  • Fixed some display bugs in IE (thanks to user wiredimpact for bringing up most of these!)
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Events Calendar PRO 3.1

  • Recurring events can now display more than once in the main blog loop, and other queries that contain multiple post types (thanks to user Darren for the original report!)
  • Added a setting for hiding related events (thanks to those on UserVoice who requested this!)
  • Fixed error that occurred when ordering the admin listing by venue or organizer (thanks to Bernhard for reporting this!)
  • Fixed bug where the Events Calendar title would take over all the pages on the site
  • Month view and the mini calendar widget will no longer link to Day view if Day view is disabled
  • GEO, CATEGORY, and ATTACH fields added to the iCal feed
  • Fixed z-index bug with the recurrence dialog box in the WordPress 3.6 post editor
  • Fixed bug where the option to filter the admin Events list by recurrence wasn’t working
  • Fixed bug where sometimes an event entered at the end of the month wouldn’t show on the mini calendar widget
  • Fixed intermittent display errors with Photo view
  • Fixed two PHP errors on the admin events list
  • Fixed incorrect “No results” message after a keyword search on week view
  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (new), Turkish (new), Norwegian Dutch, Icelandic, Greek, Finnish
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Community Events 3.1

= SUBSTANTIAL UPDATES TO TEMPLATES! = If you have customized your community events templates you’ll probably have to redo your customizations for this upgrade. Proceed with caution! The templates have been completely reorganized and substantially cleaned up. This will make it much easier for theme developers to work with the templates in the future. Additional Changes:

  • New “System Information” section on the Events > Help page
  • Improved behavior of recurring events deletion from My Events list
  • Cannot reach the community list page *
  • Fixed bug where new venues submitted via Community weren’t being published along with their event
  • Community now uses the specified Events template under Settings > Display
  • Improved spam prevention technique (honeypot) implemented on the Community submission form
  • Community submission form now respects default venue setting and hides the other venue fields (address, etc.)
  • Community submission form now respects default content fields
  • Event Website URL field is no longer missing from the Community submission form
  • Styles are no longer stripped from Community submissions
  • Fixed bug where the saved venues dropdown wasn’t displaying on the Community submit form
  • New Venues and Organizers no longer overwrite existing ones when editing an event
  • Fixed bug where submit form wasn’t working properly for anonymous users in some cases
  • Users can now always view their My Events listing
  • Users will no longer be redirected to wp-login.php upon logout, if they do not have dashboard access
  • Updated translations: Romanian (new), Finnish (new)

Facebook Events 3.1

  • Fix API photos URLs
  • Fix timezone issues
  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (new), Polish (new), Romanian (new)

Eventbrite Tickets 3.1

  • Updated Eventbrite API class to use newly required Olson format for the timezone
  • Improved some error messages
  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (new), Romanian (new)
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

WooCommerce Tickets 3.1

  • Fixed PHP warning when saving posts
  • Fixed version validation order bug
  • Exposed TribeWooTickets->get_tickets_ids() function for use by theme developers
  • Updated translations: Dutch (new), Polish (new), Romanian (new), French (new)
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

What’s next? A lot: we’ve already started cracking on next month’s maintenance release, putting a new developer in charge of Community Events code + getting our support guru Barry involved on the dev side along the way. We’re picking up momentum coming out of the summer and aren’t planning on letting up any time soon. To that same end, we’ve got a handful of new plugins in the works…including Filter Bar, which just came out of beta this morning and should be ready for release in the very near future. If you notice any quirks with the new code, or have questions about functionality, we’re here for you on the forums. Hit us up.