Release: The Events Calendar 3.9.3

Hey everyone! Hot on the heels of the security updates we released earlier this week aimed to address a possible XSS exploit (news that you’ll see has been taking the WordPress community by storm in recent days), we’ve just pushed The Events Calendar 3.9.3. While we hate to make you update twice in one week…this small build addresses a couple minor integration issues with WordPress 4.2, which shipped yesterday. We encourage everyone to update when they can.

None of our add-ons received an update this go around….the only plugin to receive an update here The Events Calendar. Specifically, this release addresses the following:

= The Events Calendar 3.9.3 =

  • Ensured that rewrite rules are flushed upon plugin activation so event pages do not 404
  • Fixed a bug that caused JavaScript-generated event pagination URLs to be malformed during day/month browsing when pagination anchor tags are absent from the page
  • Fixed a style bug where save/update notices for events in the dashboard had a colored border

As always, we appreciate your support and thank you for using The Events Calendar. If you have problems with this latest release, let us know on the forums and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.