Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.4

We’ve just released the 2.0.4 update for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO. It features mostly bug fixes – including a somewhat significant one impacting lost venue/organizer data for non-PRO users – but a couple features we’ve been getting requests for made the cut too.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.4:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Settings option to control the default zoom level for embedded Google Maps (select from 0-21)
  • Filters for all template tags
  • Settings option to control the number of events that appear in each loop, independent of your overall WordPress settings
  • Hook for integrating with custom fields as discussed in this forum thread
  • Contextual body classes for events pages
  • Added a unique CSS ID / class for each DD and DT meta data item so that people can style them differently if they like; and a template tag to give developers flexibility
  • New Dutch translation files for core courtesy of community member Jacob Roel Meijering
  • New Dutch translation files for PRO courtesy of community member Ed Boon

Bug Fixes:

  • Venue and organizer data – which previously disappeared – now remains in place when you go back to edit an existing event, as discussed in this forum thread
  • Fix for a conflict impacting Headway users where the calendar title repeated in the header nav
  • Removed incomplete da_DK & nb_NO translation files from PRO code
  • Specific dates within category no longer return 404 errors as discussed in this forum thread
  • Translated slugs now run through sanitize title before use as discussed in this forum thread
  • Resolved translation issue with tribe_get_recurrence_text as discussed in this forum thread (PRO only)
  • Removed date from recurring events in search results as discussed in this forum thread (PRO only)
  • tribe_the_custom_fields no longer displays any HTML if there are no custom fields, as discussed in this forum thread (PRO only)
  • Resolved an issue where the advanced post manager wasn’t using WP’s internal plugins_url() function and causing problems on IIS7 installs (PRO only)
  • Removal of various debug notices & errors
Comments (15)
  1. Great job ! It resolves most of my problems, talked about a long while ago in the forum.

    1. Julien: awesome! Thanks for confirming, makes my day 🙂 Glad to hear you’re having a solid experience so far. If you need anything else or discover any quirks, do let us know.

      1. Thanks man. I’m looking into that issue today and will respond over at the thread accordingly.

  2. This update fixed both of my issues… the repeating nav and the venue/organiser data disappearance. Thanks so much!

    1. Excellent! Thanks Shaun. If you notice anything as you keep using it, we’re all ears 🙂

  3. Is there a way to change the calendar so that the week starts on Sunday?

    Regular calendars start on Sunday so it’s confusing to look at this one.



    1. Hey Jef. Sure is – that is actually controlled by the overall setting for your WordPress site, as controlled under Settings -> General. Change it for the overall site and that’ll carry over to the calendar as well.

      Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hi,
    Right now I have a new problem, and I think it came when I updated the plugin. When I save, let’s say a page or a post, the whole screen goes white!
    The other problem is that I can’t go to the next month in the calendar. It just won’t load.
    I’ve tried to inactivate all other plugins, but I’m sad to say, it’s The Events Calender that makes those problems with the white pages…
    I use WP 3.3.1. Is that maybe the problem?
    Hope anyone has any answer 🙂


    1. Hey Sofia. Thanks for the heads up; are you running the free The Events Calendar plugin alone, or PRO as well?

  5. Small request – could you please add the date to your website posts and update announcements? I often come looking for updates and release dates on your products. Thanks!

    1. Jeremy – done 🙂 See the top of the page, underneath the headline. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I’m loving a lot of the new tweaks (and I love your product as a whole) but the upgrade has really done a number on my site’s formatting, specifically the pages for individual events. Fonts, margins, and spacing are all buggy now and the sidebar is now appearing below the event. Example: Is there a way to unupgrade for now until I can resolve these issues?

    1. Hey Tom. Thanks for your words on the plugin and my apologies for the fact that you’re having issues. What version did you go to/from in your upgrade? Was it a matter of going 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, or something more substantial (particularly a pre-2.0 release to a post-2.0 one)? Let me know and I can try to help identify why you’ve had problems.

      1. No worries about the issues. Just a minor inconvenience. I do realize that I posted this on the wrong page, though. I previously had 2.0.4 but I just upgraded to 2.0.5, so I really should have posted this on the 2.0.5 page.

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