Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.2

Happy Holidays!! It has been a busy month at modern tribe events HQ. Eventbrite tickets is in beta and community events is making great headway. Events 2.0.2 is now live and work on 2.1 had begun!

We’d separated those into a 2.0.1 release (more urgent bugs) and 2.0.2 (still bugs but less urgent). There won’t be a 2.0.3, rather new bug reports will be worked on as part of 2.1.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.1:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Added link to new user primer to the activation message.
  • Added tribe_is_event_in_category conditional to plugin code base.
  • Plugin now adds a default role when registering custom post types.
  • Russian language files incorporated (free & PRO) from Mikhail Michouris
  • Dutch translation files incorporated (free only) from Rick van Dalen
  • Danish translation files incorporated (PRO only) from Christian Andersen
  • Italian translation files incorporated (free & PRO) from Stefano Castelli

Bug Fixes:

  • Months will now show appropriate day count, instead of 31 days as they were previously.
  • Custom recurring events previously not showing start AND end time (just start time); now are showing both.
  • Hack to include events in your main loop no longer causes event link to vanish.
  • Fixed issue of recurrence settings changing upon publication.
  • Fixed other bug related to recurrence details showing incorrect date/time.
  • General bugs with weekly recurrence have been squashed.
  • Admin page should no longer hang when updating a recurring event.
  • Breadcrumbs will now show the correct slug info on Thesis.
  • Not entering a name for an organizer or venue doesn’t stop it from publishing, as it did previously.
  • Admin events list now appears with soonest event at the top, not the bottom.
  • Deleting instances of recurrence now works within individual entries.
  • Unnamed venue/organizer now created when no venue or organizer name added.
  • Featured image no longer overlaps the map on individual entries in the default 2011 theme.
  • Custom recurrence events weren’t previously showing end time on the frontend; they will now.
  • Comments box now appears on the default page template (was previously only on default events template).
  • Minor change to line 1835 of the-events-calendar.class.php.
  • Incorporated patch to include file name in permalink for users running the plugin on shared IIS servers.
  • Changes to incorrect tag on lines 58, 60 & 62 in views/single.php.
  • Next/Previous link in recurring & standalone events both work fine.
  • General display tweaks to Calendar widget (wasn’t showing future events previously, and CSS was screwy)
  • Renamed the dashboard Tribe newsfeed widget to conform with rebranding efforts.
  • Worked to better display comments in Thesis & Genesis themes.
  • General display bugs related to the WP 3.3 beta.
  • Fixed general PHP notices that appeared with debug turned on in your wp-config file.
Comments (7)
  1. Bug Fixes: Months will now show appropriate day count, instead of 31 days as they were previously.

    I just updated The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro but still all months show 31 days!!!

    1. Hey Norman. This shouldn’t be happening unless you’re running versions out of sync (ie Events Calendar 2.0.1 + Events Calendar PRO 2.0.2). Is that possibly the case in your situation? Are you sure you resaved your permalinks after updating, in case that had any impact?

  2. Has this been fixed to work better with Headway theme? There were some breadcrumb issues and weird page navigation stuff where Headway was pulling calendar events into the navigation by default if no navigation was present.

    1. Hey Rob. There may be some slightly improved integration between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2, but we’re still working on most of the Headway integration issues at this time. Some more of that will spill into 2.0.3 but the bulk of those changes should be seen in 2.1, which will be out sometime in January. Apologies for the inconvenience in the interim.

  3. End dates and times are now showing in the Upcoming Events lists. They didn’t show in previous versions, and t don’t want them. It worked fine before, but this “improvement” is a problem. I tried to fix the problem by following the instructions in the forum (place a folder named “events” to the theme folder, delete lines 53-56 from the list.php file and place it in that folder), but it didn’t make a difference. Perhaps I don’t understand the instructions.

  4. Hi there

    Cud anyone plse assist – the calendar/grid view is not appearing/activated?


    1. Hi Simon, do you have an example we can look at? Would you mind posting your issue with details in the forum? It’ll be easier for followup and will have better exposure for others.


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