Hotfix Release: The Events Calendar

We’ve just released an update to The Events Calendar to address an issue encountered by users of our legacy importer plugins. Some eagle-eyed early adopters noticed the problem and we were able to get a solution in place quickly.

The issue in question occurred when folks who have our Facebook Events plugin were transitioning to our new Event Aggregator importer tool. When users starting importing with the new tool, the events they had imported previously were duplicating instead of updating. Luckily, there were no issues of duplication for new Event Aggregator customers- but it was certainly a pain point for our loyal legacy users.

The Events Calendar is now available to download. If you have automatic updates enabled, then you should be seeing a notification in your WordPress dashboard soon. Otherwise, you can grab the download anytime by logging into this site with your account and navigating to the My Account > Downloads screen to download and manually install the update.

A big thank you to the users who reported this issue in the support forums! Your early adoption of our new service and your informative posting allowed us to get a fix out right away for all of our users who will be moving from Facebook Importer to Events Aggregator. Thank you!