Promoter 1.14.0 and 1.15.0

Happy Monday! You will be happy to know that we released, not one, but two minor releases: Promoter 1.14.0 and 1.15.0.

As usual, these changes have been applied automatically to your Promoter account. So you can just sit back and enjoy them. 😎

Here’s the detailed changelog of what’s new:

  • Enhancement – You can now sync to Promoter to your calendar if you have a non-root WordPress install. So, for example, if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory of your domain, say,, Promoter will sync you up!
  • Enhancement – The initial Promoter sync to your calendar is now twice as fast as before.
  • Enhancement – We added a daily limit and warnings surrounding the usage of the “Attendees of All Events” audience list. These are safeguards against spamming your attendees unintentionally.
  • Enhancement – If you use our event statuses extension, we have added three new merge tags you can use in messages and shortcuts: Online Event (which pulls in the label), Event Status (which displays the “Live,” “Canceled,” and “Postponed” labels) and Webstream URL (which displays the address of the livestream video).
  • Bugfix – The initial sync of your calendar with Promoter could get stuck in certain contexts and we have made sure those are fixed up.
  • Bugfix – Invalid merge tags made the message fail silently. No more!
  • Bugfix – The next message scheduled to be sent out was not always displayed but now we’re displaying it as expected.
  • Bugfix – When using a custom list as an audience to send a message, the actual list name now displays (as opposed to “0 groups”).
  • Bugfix – We fixed a few visual glitches, including ones involving message previews, shortcut alignment, tab styling and table styling).