Events Calendar Pro 1.3.2

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On to The Latest Release

Hi folks. I’m happy to report that Events Calendar Pro 1.3.2 is officially complete. The update is a mix of minor new features and bug fixes. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Added support for the new version of jQuery being used in WordPress 3.2.
  • Events spanning multiple days now have an option under Settings to hide the event’s final day from grid view.
  • Clicking “View All Events” from a category-specific sidebar widget now takes you to all events within that category, rather than all events on the entire calendar.
  • Sorting by event start & end date in the list of events on the backend is now supported.
  • Multi-day events now display the start AND end date in the grid view tooltip, even if the event-in-question is all day.


  • Fixed a bug where events taking place today disappeared from the upcoming list widget after 10 a.m. local time.
  • Fixed a potentially critical issue with the_excerpt().
  • Deleted organizers and venues are now automatically removed from events.
  • Resolved a bug where users of certain themes were unable to move more than 1 month forward/back in grid view.

You can find out more and upgrade over at CodeCanyon. While we’re still actively focused on Events Calendar Pro 2.0, a major overhaul for much of the plugin’s functionality, we have noticed the more immediate need for short-term fixes to ECP 1.3 and have been hard at work on 1.3.2 this past week. We should have another even smaller update, 1.3.3, over the next few weeks. That will likely be the last before we push out 2.0 in early fall — but more ¬†on that later. For now, please update to 1.3.2 for the latest and greatest…and please let us know your feedback!

For those of you who haven’t checked it out: The Events Calendar Pro premium plugin for WordPress enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the custom post editor. Features include Google Maps integration, iCal support as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined one click installation.

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Comments (10)
  1. You guys are awesome and your product is amazing! It’s like gravity forms good! Excited for 2.0!

  2. really could use some help. i just installed ECP and now my CPT don’t work.

  3. @Jason: You should post a comment over on the forum (, I’d be happy to help you out with issues over there. Thanks!

  4. If i buy 1.3.2 right now will i be able to upgrade to 2.0 for free? if not, how long should i wait to buy 2.0?

  5. Hector: for free, no — we’re offering a discount to existing 1.3.2 users who sign up for our newsletter before 2.0 is released, though. If you were to wait for 2.0, we’re aiming to release that on 9/20.

  6. @rob still on track for tomorrow?

  7. Hey Guys, Is there any documentation for themes?

    1. Hi Tineke,

      I spend about 4 hours yesterday cleaning up template tags with peter and documenting. We are doing a second (and hopefully final) pass in 30 minutes. Hoping that the docs will be up really soon.

  8. Any news on the community submission feature that was slated for the late 2011 ECP upgrade? That’s the only thing holding me back from purchasing this right now. I really, really need this functionality.

    Many thanks.

    1. We just finished a first alpha of the community events plugin. I’m guessing we’ll do the first beta towards the end of the month or so.

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