Release: Eventbrite Tickets 3.10.1

Howdy everyone! We just released a small, but important update to Eventbrite Tickets that you should definitely know about.

The latest release — Eventbrite Tickets 3.10.1 — includes a significant update that addresses a recent change to the Eventbrite API. Why is this important for you? The existing Eventbrite API used by Eventbrite Tickets has been deprecated and the new one is required for events to properly import to and export from your WordPress site, in addition to showing the ticket form on the front end of your published events.

So if you’re asking whether you need to update, the answer is likely yes. If you already run Eventbrite Ticket 3.10 (which was released last week), then you will definitely want to update to this latest version.

Here is the changelog note for Eventbrite Tickets 3.10.1:

  • Fix – Updated Eventbrite API calls to be compatible with their recent updates around expansions
  • Fix – Make the Timezone implementation more reliable for Ticket Sales dates
  • Tweak – Improved the message when the Payments for an event is not correctly configured

Thanks to all who helped make us aware of the need for this update! If you bump into any issues at all while updating, please hit us up in the Eventbrite Tickets forums and we’d be happy to help.