Release: Community Events Add-on Is Live

Less than a week on the heels of our Eventbrite Tickets add-on launch, we’ve just pushed the Community Events add-on out the door. If you’re already running The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO, you’ve got the ability to create events on-the-go on the backend of your site…but snag Community to allow for frontend event submissions too, so members of your community can send in their own event ideas. You have final say over what gets published and when, and can elect to receive email notifications whenever a submission comes through so you’ve got a comprehensive picture of your site’s entire events calendar.

Community Events will work with The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO, which means you can use it regardless of whether you’re an open source or paying user. It will not, however, work with any builds prior to 2.0.6 (which was also just released yesterday, 5/1/12). If you’re running The Events Calendar or PRO 2.0.5, make sure you’ve updated before installing Community or you may run into issues.

Don’t forget to check out our Community Events new user primer before you jump into it. And if you’ve got questions that the primer doesn’t address…then head over to the Community forum here on the site and we can try to help you out.  

As was the case with Eventbrite…this is a 1.0 release, and while we’ve spent a lot of time QAing it, there will inevitably be issues we missed. We’d appreciate you bringing any bugs or quirkiness to our attention so we can get them patched up with haste. We’ve already got 1.0.1 in the works to include a couple features that couldn’t make it by launch time. 

To all the beta testers who participated in helping us reach this 1.0 release…thank you! With this launch we’ve finally taken the first step on what we’re hoping to be a long path down the road of frontend submission awesomeness, and we hope you all enjoy the fruits of our labors.

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  1. Community Events looks like a fantastic feature. Cannot wait to install. Do you guys have a working demo that I could take a peak at?

  2. Hey Henery, we sure do, although only for the front end form:

    You can watch the videos in the new user primer for a more complete overview:


  3. Ah thanks Shane, great stuff. Will take a look!

  4. Just uploaded the Event Pro update on my test site. There is no background on the calendar so it is very had to read.

    1. Very hard to read, not very had to read. sorry.

      1. Hey John. Sorry to hear you’re having issues here. Was this issue specific to the integration with Community Events, or related to just Events Calendar PRO? Would you mind posting the issue in the appropriate forum, either way? Events Calendar PRO is here ( and Community is here ( If you drop your issue in there we can try to assist in resolving it (as what you’ve described here does not sound like the intended behavior of the plugin). Cheers!

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