Community Events 4.6.7

Greetings! Community Events 4.6.7 is a small update correcting compatibility issues and settings for using the main calendar as the site homepage.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

On to the changelogs:

  • Fix – To resolve some compatibility issues, we updated the WP Router library to avoid fatal errors with PHP 7.3 when using custom rewrite routes for Community Events URLs.
  • Fix – If the site’s “Homepage” option is set to “Main Events Page,” the “Community URLs” section of admin settings now warns you if “pretty” permalinks are not enabled and then fixes missing slashes in the URLs.
  • Tweak – Changed plugin templates: community/modules/venue-fields
  • Plugin Hooks
  • Language1 new strings added, 162 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 9 obsoleted