Release: Facebook Events 1.0.5

We just pushed an update to our Facebook Events add-on, and you’ll want to update to the 1.0.5 release whenever possible. It is mostly bug fixes, addressing a number of changes or inconsistencies with the Facebook API that have been reported at the forums. These include a couple fairly significant adjustments to the handling of time zones. Please note there are no accompanying builds of The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO, so you should have no problem running this on the already-live 2.0.11 builds of both.

Release Notes for WordPress Facebook Events 1.0.5:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Incorporated new Polish language files, courtesy of Marek Kosinski.

Bug Fixes:

  • International time zones no longer converting to local times by default.
  • Various improvements to handling of imports from one time zone into another one.
  • Fixed an issue where images were failing to import or generating an error for certain users.
  • Improved how plugin addresses venue imports to minimize duplicates (though note: Facebook’s API is limited in such a way that we cannot cut out duplicate venues 100% at this time).
  • Organizer phone number no longer displays as Facebook page’s hovercard ID.
  • Fixed an issue with unreachable code in Tribe_FB_Importer::json_retrieve().
  • Various improvements & enhancements to improve integration with the forthcoming The Events Calendar 3.0 release.

This release should address a number of the concerns we’ve heard lately…thanks to everyone who has reported their findings so far. If there’s anything that remains a pain point, or if we introduced some code that throws a wrench into things, let us know over at the forums.