Release: Facebook Events 1.0.2

Along with the core The Events Calendar/PRO, each of the add-ons got its own update today as well. You may recall that July’s maintenance release for Facebook Events was bare-bones; with this build, we’ve added some more substance: a few nice new features, German & Czech language files, and the elimination of a few pesky bugs are all things you can expect upon updating to 1.0.2. Read on for specifics…

Release Notes for WordPress Facebook Events 1.0.2:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Events that have passed no longer appear on the list of importable Facebook Events.
  • Photos that are attached to Facebook Events are now carried over and set as featured image on your WordPress event.
  • Plugin now provides written confirmation of how many events were imported with each manual import.
  • Incorporated new German translation files, courtesy of Mark Galliath.
  • Incorporated new Czech translation files, courtesy of Petr Bastan.

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleted events no longer continue to be re-imported when auto import is enabled.
  • Facebook user IDs with dashes are now accepted across the board.
  • Fixed some untranslatable strings found in the 1.0.1 POT file.

Though adoption of this plugin has been a bit slower than the other add-ons, the feedback we continue to receive is positive…and we’re always looking for new ideas from the community on how we could improve it further. Got a tip or suggestion? Noticing something that could be done better or isn’t functioning like it should? Let us know over at the forums…we’re all ears.