Release: Events Calendar PRO 3.5.1 (hotfix)

After releasing our 3.5.1 hotfix for The Events Calendar yesterday, we spent today flushing out a few significant issues in PRO that we didn’t feel should wait until next month’s maintenance build. Those were just released in the form of Events Calendar PRO 3.5.1. The changelog is:

  • Patched a bug where the “Recurring event instances” setting was impacting month view, instead of just appearing on list-based views (thanks to alexhammerstein on the forums for this report!)
  • Addressed an issue caused by our recurrence refactor where certain sites/hosting providers experienced a fatal error blocking admins from the dashboard (thanks to Jared on the forums for the first report!)
  • Fixed an uncaught exception/fatal error that appeared during the conversion of recurring events for some users (thanks to Mariruth on the forum for the first report of this!)
  • Patched a SQL error that appeared on sites without any events (thanks to user nothingtodo on the forums for the report here!)

For those keeping track, that means TEC/PRO are both on 3.5.1; the rest of the plugin suite remains on 3.5 at this time. If you posted a forum thread about one of the PRO issues this release aims to address, we sure would appreciate some confirmation one way or another in the appropriate thread once you’ve applied the update — if it works, we’ll close the thread out and send you on your way. If it’s still problematic, we’ll do our best to figure out why and get you sorted.

Likewise, if you find 3.5.1 introduces new issues not previously experienced in 3.5, create a new thread at the forums and we’ll hit that in as timely a fashion as possible. Thanks for your patience and support so far!