Why the change?

If you’re a long-standing Modern Tribe user, you may have noticed that we’re retiring our WPEC Tickets extension for The Events Calendar & Events Calendar PRO.

The functionality of the WPEC Tickets plugin isn’t going away – instead, we’re cranking it to eleven and rolling it into Event Tickets Plus (a premium add-on to our free Event Tickets plugin). With Event Tickets Plus, we’ve combined all our existing ecommerce functionality, plus added some awesome new features like QR codes and the flexibility to sell tickets to your events with or without The Events Calendar.

While we’re definitely sad to say goodbye to our legacy ticketing plugins, we’re excited that the transition to Event Tickets Plus will deliver greater flexibility and more functionality at the same price. The best part? If you already own an active license for WPEC Tickets, you can make the transition for no additional cost.

Event Tickets Plus + WPEC

WPEC is the longstanding WordPress ecommerce solution used by tens of thousands around the world. If you’ve got all the demands of a robust online shop, then WPEC might be just what you’re looking for. WPEC is packed full of features. If you need to sell a mix of physical goods, digital goods, and you throw events, you have to check out WP e-Commerce and the Modern Tribe Event Tickets Plus add-on. You will need WP e-Commerce or above to use our ticketing add-on.

Event Tickets Plus replaces WPEC Tickets allowing you to add as many tickets as you wish to a given event, and then sell those tickets entirely within your site. Each ticket can have its own price, stock, SKU and specified time frame for when ticket sales open/close. Aiming to give discounts to those who buy earlier than a week before the event? Dreaming of checking people in at the door from your laptop? Need different ticket types your users can easily differentiate between? WPEC and Event Tickets Plus has you covered.

Please note that at this time, Event Tickets Plus will NOT support tickets for recurring events. Please keep this in mind before making your purchase.

An Introduction to Event Tickets Plus

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Stay Within Your Site

Event Tickets Plus is contained entirely within your WordPress site, reducing cart abandonment by keeping users on your site for the entire ticketing process. Tickets displayed with events can be customized to match your overall site aesthetic.

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Need more information about Event Tickets Plus? Be sure to check out our knowledgebase articles, particularly the section on tickets features. If you have questions about functionality or what plugins are best for you, please post a thread in our open Pre-Sales Forum and we’d be happy to help out.