Nonprofit Spotlight: City Market

With the change in seasons just beginning to settle in and December holidays looming large on the horizon, there’s much to anticipate around this time of year. For many of us here in the United States, this week’s Thanksgiving holiday is a beloved annual occasion. It’s an opportunity to break bread with friends and family, reflect on the year together, and practice mindfulness and gratitude. You may also have heard that there’s food involved…A spread of Thanksgiving foodsFood is essential in so many ways–it’s central to our cultural traditions, cherished in our childhood memories, and savored in our daily lives. Yet for many communities, it can be challenging to find local options for healthful, affordable family meals. For this Nonprofit Spotlight feature, we’ll be looking at one organization that’s hoping to change that. By championing food diversity and connecting families with resources for obtaining healthy, farm-fresh foods, they’re making a difference in the lives–and on the plates–of countless members of their community. Read on to learn more about this great nonprofit, and don’t forget to bring your appetite!

City Market

City Market logo

The history of today’s City Market can be traced nearly as far back as 1837, with the official establishment of Bay City, Michigan on the borders of Lake Huron. Not long after, the original “City Market” began operations, serving townspeople and travelers alike with wares peddled from its open-air stalls.

Today’s City Market is much changed from the humble beginnings of its namesake, entering the 21st century with a new nonprofit structure and an approach that seamlessly blends cuisine and community. A new indoor location in bustling downtown Bay City and over 40 local vendors means you’re sure to find whatever it is that you’re seeking. Sample handcrafted goods from artisan makers and explore delicious seasonal offerings in produce. And if your tummy’s rumbling after a bit of browsing, your next great meal can be had right at the market. Multiple quality restaurant options ensure that you’ll never have to leave hungry. Bon appetit!

Produce at a farmers market

There’s much more to today’s City Market than just a good day’s shopping, though. As part of its mission to make healthful eating more accessible for all, City Market is proud to welcome food assistance benefits and programs on behalf of its vendors. And once you’ve had your fill of culinary delights, you’ll find a host of events to enlighten and entertain, from cooking classes to educational seminars to seasonal spectacles for all ages. These events provide opportunities for small businesses and other nonprofits to promote their activities to the greater public, strengthening relationships within the community. And food-focused programming offers consumers the chance to expand their knowledge while benefitting from the tangible resources that City Market has to offer.

Of course, connecting visitors with top-notch events is what we here at Modern Tribe do best, and we’re delighted to be City Market’s preferred choice for event management. In the Market Buzz section of City Market’s site, you’ll find a complete calendar of market events for your perusal. A clear visual hierarchy makes it easy to check event details at a glance, and our sleek, modern design means you won’t have to compromise aesthetics for functionality. Now that’s one sweet deal.

Calendar display on City Market website

Source: City Market

Hungry for more great content? There’s plenty more to enjoy over on City Market’s website, including vendor information, recipes for every season, and regular blog updates on a variety of topics. Head on over to to check out the rest, and we’ll see you back here very soon!