NonProfit Spotlight: Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank

For families experiencing financial hardships, buying diapers is an expensive yet necessary burden. Unfortunately, many social service programs designed to support families in need don’t offer a solution to this all-too-common issue.

Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank offers diapers to families in need to ensure that the babies of Illinois’ Knox, Warren, Mercer, Henderson and Fulton counties stay clean and healthy.

After hearing of the diaper-related struggles of families in her community, Executive Director Lee Ann Porter hosted a diaper drive. The event’s success paved the way for Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank which officially opened one year later.

Now, over 2 years into operations, Loving Bottoms is a 501(c)(3) organization with various community partnerships to help them distribute diapers to families in need. On average, they provide over 160 babies with over 5,200 diapers per month.

That’s 75,574 diapers distributed in 2017 alone!

Loving Bottoms Repeating Events Calendar - NonProfit Spotlight

A core function of Loving Bottoms is to host Diaper Wrapping nights. During these monthly events, volunteers from the community come in to organize diaper shipments and wrap diapers to fill outgoing orders. The Diaper Wrapping events are a crucial part of the distribution process and are entirely run by volunteers.

“We host several events that happen every month and the ability to create recurring events will free up the time it takes to create events. It will also make it easier for us to update all events if there is a change to time, location, or description of the event.”


-Lee Ann Porter

As a one-woman show, Lee Ann has limited time to devote to her many tasks including managing the website, recruiting volunteers, and organizing the Diaper Wrapping events. By using Events Calendar PRO’s recurring events feature, she can create all upcoming Diaper Wrapping nights for the site’s calendar at once. Any change she makes to her Diaper Wrapping nights can be added to all upcoming events instantaneously by editing any instance of the event, saving her a ton of time.

In this case, it’s time that could be used collecting more diapers for babies in need.

*Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank is a recipient of a free subscription to The Events Calendar PRO as a member of our NonProfit Program.