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What does buying a license get me?

All of our products are sold with a one-year license. That means that for one year from the date of purchase, you have access to plugin downloads, new version releases, and our premium support. You can sort of think of it as like a magazine subscription. After the year is up, you need to renew again to keep that same level of service. Happily, we provide discounts to our returning customers. So after your initial purchase, the yearly renewals will be discounted below list price as a thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

The license ensures automatic updates on the installed plugin and forum support for the purchaser. There is only one forum account per purchasing account.

Plugin License Levels

For plugins, we have four main license levels available: Personal, Business, Agency, and Unlimited. These titles are just descriptive, not rules. If you need a license for a single site you only need the Personal license, no matter what kind of site it is for. Business level allows you to use the license on up to 3 sites, and Agency licenses can be used on up to 10 sites. Unlimited licenses can be used on any number of sites, as the title suggests. Please note that you can always upgrade to a higher level license if you need to.

If you are running a multisite, you’ll probably want to purchase one of our multisite licenses. You can read more about multisite licenses in this guide.

Event Aggregator Licenses

You must have a valid license for Event Aggregator in order to use the premium importing functionality. There is currently only one license type for Event Aggregator. The license grants you one year of imports and support. Each license can be used on up to 10 sites. You can run up to 100 individual imports per day.

We look forward to expanding the Event Aggregator license options in the future.

More License FAQs:

For further information, please read over our Terms. If you have any questions about how things work, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or post in our Pre-Sales forum.