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Troubleshooting Map View


Map View is one of the advanced views available with Events Calendar PRO. When enabled, a giant map is placed above the main calendar and displays upcoming events that have venues assigned to them. It’s a great way to visualize events, but we see an issue every now and then where the map shows no events and is centered off the coast of Africa. That’s enough to make anyone wonder what is wrong, so we have a couple of ways to help troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Some context on Map View

First off, it’s important to understand that Map View uses the Google Maps API to place venues on the map. If there is any difference between what’s been entered in The Events Calendar and what is displayed on the map, then it likely a communication issue between the data in WordPress and how the Google Maps API is interpreting it.

You might think that the event list would show events, even if the map above it does not show any. However, if the Google Maps API returns no results, then the list of upcoming events will be empty as well.

Map View is also limited to only events with an assigned venue. If an event does not have a venue with a valid address, then it will not be included the list of upcoming events, even though it might indeed be an upcoming event in other views, such as List or Month View.

That said, let’s turn to solving the issue where the map is showing no events and is centered on the coast of Africa, or otherwise not behaving as expected.

Add a Google Maps API Key

The first thing to do if you are experiencing a problem with Google Maps is to add an API key under Events –> Settings –> APIs. Having a valid key entered there will help Google Maps communicate with The Events Calendar. This is a particularly important step for sites with high traffic, or if you use Google Maps in another feature or plugin.

Fix Venue Data

The Events Calendar has a built-in feature that checks for broken venue data and will correct it for you. If you head over to Events → Settings, there is a section called Map Settings and a button that says “Fix venues data.” Please click that, refresh your Map View and see if that makes a difference.

Using Coordinates

If the last step worked, great! If not, there’s another route we can go. This time, navigate to Events → Venues. If you click Edit on one of the venues, there is an option to use latitude and longitude coordinates. Click on that option for each venue, confirm the coordinates, save the venue, then see if that makes a difference in the map’s appearance.


Entering the latitude and longitude of the venue allows The Events Calendar to communicate specific coordinates to the Google Maps API when the API is unable to recognize an address on its own.

Wrapping Up

These three steps are the most common solutions for issues dealing with the Map View. Hopefully one or both of them do the trick for you but, if not, please do hit us up at our help desk and we’d be happy to troubleshoot it further with you.