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New User Primer: iCal Importer

đź”” Please Note: iCal Importer is no longer actively maintained, and has been replaced with Event Aggregator.

Most folks with an iCal Importer license will have an Event Aggregator license in their account for free automatically.

To learn more about Event Aggregator, check out FAQs here. There’s a general guide about moving to Event Aggregator here, and a collection of more specific guides here. You can also drop by our help desk any time with questions.

Ready to get started with the iCal Importer? Let’s do it! The steps below will help you get set up and ready to use the iCal Importer which – as it’s name suggests – allows for importing events from an iCal file or URL into your WordPress site. 

If you are new to our core plugin, The Events Calendar, you’ll want to make sure to familiarize yourself with it before continuing here.

1. Download and install the plugin. Don’t forget that all of our paid add-ons require The Events Calendar to be installed and active as well.

2. Next up you’ll need to input your license key. The plugin will work without the license key, but you’ll need it for automatic updates when a new version is released. Need updates on both your dev site and your live site? We can do that.

3. Once you’ve done the first two steps, it’s time to get into the iCal Importer’s core functionality. This plugin allows imports in one of two ways. The first is to run a one-time import from an iCal file / iCal URL.

4. Looking instead to set up an iCal import that runs on a continuous basis? Don’t worry – iCal Importer can handle that too. You’ll want to check out our overview on running recurring imports off an iCal URL. We’ve also got a separate KB item offering an overview of how wp-cron works in generating these recurring imports, and some troubleshooting tips for if you get stuck.

And that’s the whole process! The iCal Importer is intended to be a lightweight but powerful add-on to The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO, and we’re hoping you find it useful.

If you run into trouble or need help, you can head to our troubleshooting page or post to our help desk. You can also explore our Knowledgebase for tutorials, tips, walkthroughs, and more.