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Linking an imported event back to Facebook

🔔 Please Note: Facebook Importer is no longer actively maintained, and has been replaced with Event Aggregator.

Most folks with a Facebook Importer license will have an Event Aggregator license in their account for free automatically.

To learn more about Event Aggregator, check out FAQs here. There’s a general guide about moving to Event Aggregator here, and a collection of more specific guides here. You can also drop by our help desk any time with questions.

This tutorial only pertains to our legacy plugin, Facebook Events. If you are importing with our new Event Aggregator tool, the website field will automatically be populated with the original event’s url.

link-fb-eventWhen importing an event from Facebook, sometimes you want to link back to the original Facebook event from the listing in your site’s events calendar. This snippet will add a link to the Facebook event directly underneath your featured image, on the single event page.

Paste the following snippet at the top of your theme’s functions.php file, underneath the first line <?php. If your theme does not have a functions.php file, go to your theme folder, create a new text document file called functions.php, and paste this text in the first line of the file <?php. On line 2 or 3, paste the snippet. Presto! You now a link to see the event on Facebook.