Event Scraper

Event Aggregator, our service that lets you import events from other calendars into The Events Calendars, is unable to import Facebook events because of Facebook’s API restrictions.

There is a workaround, however, and it comes by way of a website called Event Scraper.

This site is able to get around the API restrictions in a way Event Aggregator is unable to, which allows you to fetch public upcoming events from Facebook and display them on your WordPress calendar.

Here’s how it works.

First, copy the URL of a Facebook event. Again, make sure it is a public and upcoming event. Private and past events will not import.

Next, open up a plain text file and paste the copied Facebook event URL in there. If you use a Mac, you can open the TextEdit app. For Windows, Notepad will get the job done. You can copy and paste as many events into the file as you’d like, one URL per line. Note that Event Scraper requires a minimum of five imported events.

Save the file on your desktop. We’ll need it in a moment.

Now, head over to the Event Scraper website. Click the “Browse for file” button and select the saved text file with the Facebook event URLs.

Once the file has been uploaded, click the “Begin Scraping Events” button. The site will process your request and create an .ics file that you can purchase at a mere 10 cents per event.

Proceed to payment and you gain access to download the .ics file. Once you have it, you can log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Events → Import, select the “ICS File” option and run the import.

Event Aggregator will process the file and import the events as they were pulled from Event Scraper.

👋 Event Scraper is a third-party service. If you’re experiencing any issues, please reach out to their support for assistance.


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