Can I Hire Your Team to Customize My Calendar?

Need help taking your calendar to the next level. When it comes to advanced customizations and third-party integrations, sometimes the best path forward is hiring an experienced developer to turn your dreams into reality.

We know finding a reliable developer can be difficult. That’s why we recommend starting your search with Codeable, a helpful site that connects people in need of on-demand website support with their network of trusted WordPress developers.

Here’s how it works

You’re going to contact Codeable. And when you do, be sure to prepare a clear and concise explanation of what you’re looking for. Well written, interesting explanations have a better chance of scoring you a well-qualified developer.

Estimates will vary based on the scope of work you require. Complex requirements command higher prices. In general, though, you can expect rates between $70-120 USD per hour.

We also want to note that we only recommend partners we trust. Even if we didn’t have an affiliate relationship with Codeable, we would recommend them because we’ve had great experiences working with them in the past.

Folks who have used Codeable to work on The Events Calendar have also had great things to say about them. Here are a few testimonials we’ve heard:

  • “Susan Lawrence is wonderful to work with, extremely patient and knowledgeable, and very professional. Thank you Susan!”
  • “Extremely patient, competent and always willing to help. Lorand is truly great at his job and has worked on a number of projects for me and has never disappointed. Thanks again.”
  • “This is the first time I’ve worked with Waclaw. It became clear early on that he was talented and professional. Also patient and has excellent communication skills. Not only were his replies to questions timely but also thorough. That’s always appreciated!”
  • “Anthony responds quickly, answers thoroughly, and makes sure you understand everything. It was a pleasure working with him!”
  • “Alain did excellent work that was on-time and on-budget. He even gave me really helpful tips about my own WordPress development practices, would love to work with him again in the future.”

Let us know if you use Codeable on your next project. We’d love to hear about your experience.


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