Creating a Custom Email List in Promoter

But what if I want to promote my events to prospects that have not attended previous events, RSVPed or bought tickets? Good news! You can create custom lists to do just that.

Pro tip: custom lists are limited to a total of 5,000 email addresses between all lists. Please contact our Helpdesk should you require more.

Custom Email Lists vs Imported attendees: Custom Email Lists are completely distinct from attendees of your past events imported automatically by Promoter. For one thing, Attendees of your past events automatically imported by Promoter are unlimited. In other words, no matter how many attendees of your past events you have, Promoter will do the heavy lifting and import them for you.

Creating a Custom List

  1. Click on the Lists Menu
  2. Click Create Custom List
  3. Choose a name for your custom list (List Title)
  4. Set a custom color for your list (useful when you have several custom lists) – optional
  5. Choose your preferred method to Add Subscribers and add at least one subscriber
    a) Import a .CSV file
    b) Copy & Paste Email Addresses
    c) Add Individual Subscribers

    Please see the Add Subscribers Knowledge base article for more details
  6. Remind Subscribers why they are on this list.
    This text is important in order to be compliant with the different laws and regulations. It will appear in the footer of any email sent to a member of that list.
  7. Confirm that you have permission to send marketing and promotional emails to the email addresses you have entered. Making sure you have proper opt-in/consent is a must for any email marketing campaign. We can’t stress this enough. Failure to do so can have serious consequences, both legal and financial on your operation.a) Click on the checkbox to confirm that you indeed have consented to send email messages to the subscribers you added to your list
    b) Click on the Create & View List button


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