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Importing events from Facebook

🔔 Please Note: Facebook Importer is no longer actively maintained, and has been replaced with Event Aggregator.

Most folks with a Facebook Importer license will have an Event Aggregator license in their account for free automatically.

To learn more about Event Aggregator, check out FAQs here. There’s a general guide about moving to Event Aggregator here, and a collection of more specific guides here. You can also drop by our help desk any time with questions.

This is an overview of the manual and automatic event imports. If you have not setup your Facebook App or configured the Facebook Event settings please follow this guide first of all or else you may experience difficulties.


  • Make sure you’re running the 4.0 version (or higher) of both The Events Calendar and Facebook Events. Although pretty much the same functionality existed in earlier versions, the guidelines in this post relate to 4.0 and above.
  • Navigate to the sidebar Events menu, and look for the Import link:
    Events admin menu - showing the import screen link
  • This will take you to the main import settings tab where you can configure the default status for any events you import from Facebook (ie, whether or not they should immediately be published) and lots of other things, too:
    Screenshot showing the settings for Facebook Importer
    Tip! More detail on the various options and settings available in this tab are provided here.

Manually importing events

  • With the importer configured, we can go ahead and actually pull in some events from Facebook. To get started, click on the Facebook tab:
    Screenshot of the Facebook Importer tab
  • You are also going to need to know the ID of the event you wish to import – this can be quite easily determined by looking at the URL of the event on
  • Copy this ID and enter it in the large import events by their Facebook ID field (noting you can actually add lots of different IDs – just place them on separate lines)
  • Assuming the event is able to be imported and the settings are correct, you will see this message: The selected event has been successfully imported. If you do not see that message, please recheck your Facebook App ID and Secret Key or visit our Facebook API Error Guide for a solution to the error you received.

Automatically importing events

It is recommend you test importing an event using the manual method outlined above to confirm your settings are configured correctly before setting up the Automatic Import. Also, please note that automatic imports will not work if you have disabled WP cron (unless you can trigger it manually).

Note: The Facebook Events API only enables automatic import for Pages and Organizations. Profiles and Groups will not work with Automatic Imports, but can be manually imported.

  • To get started, visit a Facebook Page that has events you would like to import and find the username or page id in the url of the page:
    Facebook Page ID
  • Copy the username and back on the Import Settings tab, enter the page names/IDs you want to fetch events from:
    Facebook Page ID Import
  • Change the settings for your automatic import schedule as needed. If you would like more information on what each setting does please see our Facebook configuation guide.
  • The importer starts after you save plus the time period chosen. So if you select hourly it first runs one hour after saving. If you select twice daily it runs 12 hours after first saving, etc…
  • Once you saved the settings visit the Import → Facebook tab and you will see the Facebook Pages you have entered with a list of events that will be imported or have been imported.
    Facebook Bulk Importer
  • Boxes with that have been checked are already imported. If you want to import a listed event right away instead of waiting for the auto-import to process, you can check the empty box and click Import events.

If events are not automatically importing, please recheck your Facebook App ID and Secret Key or visit our Facebook API Error Guide for a solution to the error you received.

Note: Once an Event is imported, it does not automatically update if the event is changed on Facebook. The event has been imported, but it is not synced… however, you can take advantage of the Sync button provided in the event editor to manually trigger an update:

Showing the Re-Synchronize button (provided in the event editor)

Happy importing!