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Facebook Events: API errors

đź”” Please Note: Facebook Importer is no longer actively maintained, and has been replaced with Event Aggregator.

Most folks with a Facebook Importer license will have an Event Aggregator license in their account for free automatically.

To learn more about Event Aggregator, check out FAQs here. There’s a general guide about moving to Event Aggregator here, and a collection of more specific guides here. You can also drop by our help desk any time with questions.

When importing events with our Facebook Events plugin, there are 3 common errors that prevent a successful import. They are outlined below with explanations so that you can hopefully troubleshoot and get your events imported.

Events not importing from incorrect App ID or Secret

Say you get the following error:

“The following errors have occurred: Either the event with ID fbeventidnumber does not exist, is marked as private on Facebook or we couldn’t reach the Facebook APIPlease note that as a result, no events were successfully imported.”

Or perhaps  you tried to import events automatically but there are no event listed under Events from Facebook organizations(s) or page(s) you’ve added.

There maybe an issue with your Facebook App ID and Secret Key or the Event ID. Confirm the Facebook App ID and secret key are correct in Events > Settings > Facebook and try again to import an Event. Follow our configuration guide if you would like help with creating the Facebook App.

For individual events not importing, please re-enter your Event ID and try again. If the event is still not importing although all the IDs and settings are correct, please check the age restriction error below.

Unsupported get request

Sometimes even when all the settings are correct, the event is not importing and you see something like the following:

Facebook API Error: Unsupported get request.


The following errors have occurred: Either the event with ID fbeventidnumber does not exist, is marked as private on Facebook or we couldn’t reach the Facebook API. Please note that as a result, no events were successfully imported.

You maybe dealing with an Age, Profanity, Alcohol, Country, or another type of restriction. Pages or Events that are associated with bars, breweries, adult entertainment, or similar things may be marked as age restricted by Facebook. Unfortunately, that means the Facebook API cannot import those events unless you or the Page owner is able to change the age restriction.

In some instances, it may be possible for you or the Facebook Page owner to change the age restriction on an event. However, this is not possible with Pages that Facebook has specifically deemed to be alcohol related or have adult content.

To try changing the age restriction, first login to the Facebook Page in question. Click on the Settings tab and look for the Age Restrictions Box:

Facebook Age Restrictions

Change the setting to Anyone(13+) and click save and try to import events again from your website. If you are still seeing the error, that means that Facebook itself has marked your content as 18+ or 21+. In these instances, we are unfortunately not able to import the event, either manually or automatically.

Automatic import from profile error

It is possible that in the course of importing you will run into this error:

Facebook API Error: (#803) Cannot query users by their username (“profile-username”)

This happens when you try to setup an automatic import of an individual’s Facebook profile. That action is not allowed per the Facebook API. You will have to remove the profile username from the automatic import and import events found on Facebook profiles individually. If you want to be able to auto-import events from individual, please email Facebook and petition them to change their API.