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Function: tribe_singleton

Registers a class as a singleton.

Located at src/Tribe/Container.php (Line: 83)


Each call to obtain an instance of this class made using the

tribe( $slug )

function will return the same instance; the instances are built just in time (if not passing an object instance or callback function) and on the first request. The container will call the class


method on the class (if not passing an object or a callback function) and will try to automagically resolve dependencies.

Example use:

 tribe_singleton( 'tec.admin.class', 'Tribe__Admin__Class' );  // some code later...  // class is built here  tribe( 'tec.admin.class' )->doSomething();

Need the class built immediately? Build it and register it:

 tribe_singleton( 'tec.admin.class', new Tribe__Admin__Class() );  // some code later...  tribe( 'tec.admin.class' )->doSomething();

Need a very custom way to build the class? Register a callback:

 tribe_singleton( 'tec.admin.class', array( Tribe__Admin__Class__Factory, 'make' ) );  // some code later...  tribe( 'tec.admin.class' )->doSomething();

Or register the methods that should be called on the object after its construction:

 tribe_singleton( 'tec.admin.class', 'Tribe__Admin__Class', array( 'hook', 'register' ) );  // some code later...  // the `hook` and `register` methods will be called on the built instance.  tribe( 'tec.admin.class' )->doSomething();

The class will be built only once (if passing the class name or a callback function), stored and the same instance will be returned from that moment on.

Parameters summary

(string) $slug The human-readable and catchy name of the class.
(string|object|callable) $class The full class name or an instance of the class or a callback that will return the instance of the class.
(array) $after_build_methods An array of methods that should be called on the built object after the <code>__construct</code> method; the methods will be called only once after the singleton instance construction.

Return value summary



void tribe_singleton ( string $slug, string|object|callable $class, array $after_build_methods = null )