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Function: tribe_get_events

Get Event

Located at src/functions/template-tags/general.php (Line: 234)


Queries the events using WordPress get_posts() by setting the post type and sorting by event date.

Parameters summary

(array) $args { Optional. Array of Query parameters. @type string $start_date Minimum start date of the Event. @type string $end_date Maximum end date of the Event. @type string $eventDate A specific Event date for the Query. @type bool $hide_upcoming Hide events that are not on eventDate, internal usage @type int $venue Select events from a specific Venue @type int $organizer Select events from a specific Organizer @type string $eventDisplay How to display the Events, internal usage @see get_posts() for more params }
(bool) $full (optional) if the full query object is required or just an array of event posts

Return value summary

(array) List of posts.


array tribe_get_events ( array $args = array(), bool $full = false )