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Function: tribe_assets

Function to include more the one asset, based on `tribe_asset`

Located at src/functions/template-tags/general.php (Line: 649)

Parameters summary

(object) $origin The main Object for the plugin you are enqueueing the script/style for
(array) $assets { Indexed array, don’t use any associative key. E.g.: array( ’slug-my-script’, ’my/own/path.js’, array( ’jquery’ ) ) @type string $slug Slug to save the asset @type string $file Which file will be loaded, either CSS or JS @type array $deps (optional) Dependencies }
(string) $action A WordPress hook that will automatically enqueue this asset once fired
(array) $arguments Look at <code>Tribe__Assets::register()</code> for more info

Return value summary

(array) Which Assets were registered


array tribe_assets ( object $origin, array $assets, string $action = null, array $arguments = array() )