Fixed inability to unregister license keys

Hi folks. Just a heads up that we’ve deployed some new code here on the website that should resolve the problem some users were facing with unlinking their license keys. As you may be aware, as of the 2.0.5 release we inadvertently removed the ability to unlink sites on the Account Central –> License Keys page. While not disastrous (since the key isn’t required to run the plugin and thus no functionality was lost without it), this was an inconvenience for the community and they understandably voiced it on the forum

Earlier this week we identified the cause and have fixed it. Now you can easily unlink any key from a site by taking the following actions:

  1. Go to the backend of your WordPress site and navigating to Settings –> The Events Calendar –> Licenses
  2. Delete the key from the field on Settings –> The Events Calendar –> Licenses, then saving the page. Upon saving the key should be removed entirely from the page.
  3. Next, navigate to and log in with the credentials you set up during checkout. 
  4. Upon logging in visit Account Central –> License Keys.
  5. Find the key-in-question and hit the “Unregister” button on the right. Confirm that you want to disconnect the key via the popup.
  6. When the page refreshes, the “Install”/”Site URL”/”Registration” fields will be blank, indicating that this key is free for use and ready to be switched to a new site as needed.
That ought to do it. If you’re still having problems after clearing your cache, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for being patient so far.