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Advance Mini Calendar Widget

By default, the Events Calendar widget will display the current month—but in some cases, the current month may be empty, like if it’s currently February but the next event isn’t until October for example.

In those cases, it may be desirable to “wind” the widget forward to the next month that actually contains an event. This can be done by downloading a simple “helper plugin” we wrote here:


If there are no events until three months from now, for example, then by default the Mini Calendar widget will still show the empty current month on page load.

With the above plugin installed and activated, though, on page load the widget will show the month with the event in it; thus “skipping” any empty months.

Please note: Only mini-calendars generated by widgets are affected by this plugin. Mini-calendars generated by the [tribe_mini_calendar] shortcode will not be “fast-forwarded”, and unfortunately cannot be at this time.

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