Events Calendar Pro

Events Calendar Pro 2.0 Private Beta

Hi folks. As you may have seen over at the forum, we’re excited to announce that we’re currently inviting users to participate in our Events Calendar Pro 2.0 private beta. Right now the functionality is limited to recurring events — but since so many folks have listed this as their top request, we wanted to get it out to a few of you currently running 1.3.1 so you could give it a whirl, let us know what we could do better or what’s buggy, and help us move closer to the 2.0 finish line.

If you’ve read that forum posting, are a verified buyer of 1.3.1 and are interested in participating, shoot me a note (rob at shaneandpeter dot com) or an @ message on Twitter (@RobLaGatta) with a link to your site. Remember that we’re only looking for users who are actually going to provide feedback — those who don’t wont be invited to the next round or to any future product betas we may announce. But if you consider yourself someone with a keen eye for detail and are willing to help us improve this plugin, I can’t wait to hear from you.

The beta closes on June 24 – meaning that we’ll want all feedback by then – so please reach out to me no later than next Thursday, June 9, if you’re interested.