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Events Calendar Pro 2.0: Call for Round 3 Beta Testers

Update 2, 9/2/11: Hi again folks. Just got word that unfortunately due to the hurricane which recently impacted the East Coast, our lead developer on this project is without power…meaning that we’re a bit behind on work and are going to not have the code ready in time for our planned 9/5 beta. As such, the beta has now been rescheduled to kickoff Thursday of next week (September 8, 2011). I’ll send a note to all the confirmed beta testers now as well. 

Update 8/31/11: Wow! We received an extremely strong response from the community with interest in the beta test, and have received well over enough responses to fill the remaining open slots. As such we’ve removed the sign-up form for now and won’t be taking any more volunteers. But stay tuned for additional beta opportunities in the future. And thanks for all to their interest!

It’s official: we’re having another beta.

While we’d originally planned on ending our 2.0 beta with the conclusion of round 2 — which wrapped up at the end of July — it’s become apparent that there’s enough new code to justify a round 3.

We’ve had some great participants on the past two rounds of this beta; while a couple of them are being invited back this time, we’re mostly looking for new volunteers. If you’ve contacted me in the past week about this already, don’t worry…your name’s already on the list.

Who we’re looking for

We have 20 slots for this round of the beta. 10 of those have already been filled, but the other 10 are still fair game. This is where you come in.

We’re looking for folks using Events Calendar Pro in unique ways on an already live site that has at least 15 events a month. Beta testers should be willing to provide at least 1 round of substantive feedback during the course of the beta, which will run from September 5 – 15.

It’s important to note that the scope of this round will be limited to bugs reports and broken functionality exclusively; feature requests or reports of issues due to a local conflict on your site (ie a clash with the theme or another plugin) should be avoided this time around.

What we’ll need from beta testers

Just fill out the form above with your name, email address and the website where you’ll be running the beta. We’ll sift through the submissions, pick the sites we think are the best fit and will reach out on the 5th to those who have been selected. Beta volunteers who receive the code but don’t provide any feedback will not be invited back to future rounds of beta testing, whether those are for ECP or other products entirely.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. We’ll drop another post in here once the list fills up…but until then, fire away. And thanks in advance to anybody who helps out.

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  1. Damn, was hoping I’d be able to beta test this on a massive site I’m currently working on, sadly it isn’t live yet though!

  2. Interested in beta testing. Quite a few events coming up and we are really excited about the “recurring” events feature.


    1. Thanks Chris! If you submitted a form, which it looks like you did, we’ll be in touch on 9/5 with the specifics.

  3. I’d love to beta test for you. I’ve really liked your plugin and have used it on a few sites so I’m excited to see what this new version has to offer.

    1. Thanks Jim. We’re unfortunately out of beta tester spots, but if you sign up for our newsletter ( you’ll be among the first to be alerted of future beta opportunities.

      Thanks again for the words.

  4. I would definitely be interested in testing this. I have been using the other event calendar by Luke Howell however I like the look and feel of this so am in the process of switching all my sites over.


    1. Hey Chris: thanks for the interest. The current round of the beta is unfortunately closed, except for people contributing to the translation side (let me know if you’re able to help there and I’ll reach out to you). Otherwise the best approach would be to sign up for the newsletter so you’re in the loop for future beta opportunities — the newsletter gets cued into those first.

      Sorry I couldn’t offer up more here. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Hello Rob,

    I have the Problem that my website bring all Event Calendars to some problems, because i have in some weeks over 400 events in the Calendar, and i hope, that i can test your event Calendar, because i dont want to make the work every week new… and test another event Calendar…
    kind regards


    1. Hey Markus. We’ll have a new version of the free plugin out later this month; it should be released around the same time as the paid version (ECP 2.0). While we aren’t accepting new beta testers right now, we may have a future beta – if you’re signed up for our newsletter you’ll be first to hear about those.

  6. Oh Sorry, i’d like the recurring events and the Venue lists etc. 😉

    I hope i#m not to late ….

    Kind regards


  7. Any word on when you think ECP 2.0 will be released? I am anxious to implement it on my website. Thanks!

    1. We’re on track to launch next Wednesday, 9/28. The best place to check out the latest on that is our Facebook page ( Just want to make sure all the bugs are out of the code before we unleash it on the masses 🙂

  8. Hey again Markus! Both of those features will be in ECP 2.0 (though not in the free counterpart TEC 2.0). Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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