Compatible Themes for The Events Calendar

With all of the thousands of WordPress themes out there, it would be difficult to test the compatibility of our calendar plugins against every single one of them.

Instead of focusing on compatibility with a particular theme, we have built The Events CalendarEvents Calendar PRO, and our other premium add-ons using default WordPress as the baseline for our standards. This allows us to confidently state that we are compatible with most themes that also follow WordPress best practices.

Defining Theme Compatibility

Some people assume that compatibility means everything works together without any problems. That’s not a bad interpretation for simple cases, such as whether a phone charger is compatible with the outlet on your cell phone – it either works or it doesn’t, right?

Theme compatibility is much more complex. There’s a huge amount of diversity in the way both free and premium WordPress themes are built. The Events Calendar might work functionally with a given theme, but not look perfect out of the box. Or it might look fantastic, but need a workaround to make sure it plays nicely with the theme functions.

For the purpose of this post, we’re going to define compatibility as “capable of existing or performing together in harmony.” We realize that you may still need to make tweaks, which is why we’ve included information for customization and troubleshooting later in this post. 

Compatible Themes for The Events Calendar

Because of the complexity of this topic, our list comes with a bit of a disclaimer: All of the themes listed as compatible in this post are based on information provided by the theme author and/or user feedback we have received.

The Genesis Framework from StudioPress is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks out there. We’ve seen The Events Calendar used frequently with Genesis child themes, though you may need a bit of customization to make everything play nicely together.

Avada from Theme Fusion is another popular theme compatible with our plugins. They even have a handy article on their site that explains how to use The Events Calendar with Avada. Of particular note – their popular Avada Church Theme has full design integration with The Events Calendar by including custom calendar templates with the theme.

Themeforest lists plugin compatibility for all of their themes, which makes it easy to sort through themes compatible with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO.

The Incarnation theme from Kriesi showcases The Events Calendar on their demo page. Their popular Enfold theme is also listed as compatible with our plugins.

Although Cyberchimps does not specifically list our plugins on their theme pages, they have given us their stamp of approval on their recommended plugins list.

Elegant Themes has recognized The Events Calendar as one of the best WordPress event plugins on their blog in the past, but they do not specifically outline the compatibility of our plugins with their popular Divi theme. Despite that, we’ve had many users report successful integrations. We also have a knowledgebase article that helps with a common issue that comes up with pagination in Divi.

X Theme from Themeco is one of the themes that doesn’t specifically support The Events Calendar, but we’ve had several users share that they’ve successfully integrated our plugin with their theme. To be fair, we’ve also had users report theme conflicts, so we highly recommend testing before assuming compatibility with this theme.

Checking Compatibility

Many themes do not list specific plugin compatibility, so you have to do a bit of work yourself to check if a plugin will play nicely with the theme you’ve selected for your site.

To test compatibility with our plugins, we recommend starting with the free version of The Events Calendar found on If it works, it’s very likely that Events Calendar PRO and our other premium add-ons will also work, too.

If you do run into issues, you can search our knowledgebase for information or try some of our tips for customization and troubleshooting.

Customizing & Troubleshooting

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of customization for your stylesheets and page templates to get the look you’re going for. Other times, you may want to test for conflicts to determine the root of your problem before digging too far into the code.

It’s always been our goal to make The Events Calendar and our premium plugins easy to customize. Our Themer’s Guide is a great resource to read before you jump into making changes to ensure compatibility with your theme.

A Word About Support

Our reputation for offering great support is something we’re really proud to stand behind. In the event of a theme conflict, our support forums are the best route for getting help with your issue. For free users, we offer light support via the support forum. Users running our paid plugins (such as Events Calendar PRO and other add-ons) can access the premium support forums here on our site.

There are usually few things we can do to help with theme conflicts and we always try our best to get our users started on the right track to resolution. And while help with custom code falls outside of the scope of our support forum, if it turns out a theme is not compatible after all, we do offer a 30-day refund period for all of our premium plugins.

Know of other compatible themes for The Events Calendar? Let us know in the comments below.