Release: Version 3.4 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

Happy New Year! Though it’s been January for a few weeks yet, today marks our first official round of plugin releases in 2014. We’re stoked at the release we’ve put together this month — which include updates for every plugin in our stable — and hope you find value in it too.

If you’re ready, log in to the backend of your site and prepare to see 3.4 updates for all the following plugins:

  • The Events Calendar
  • Events Calendar PRO
  • Community Events
  • Facebook Events
  • Eventbrite Tickets
  • WooCommerce Tickets
  • EDD Tickets
  • WPEC Tickets
  • Shopp Tickets

We’re also proud to finally be launching a new plugin, the highly anticipated Filter Bar, this week. Stay tuned for a separate blog post announcing that very shortly!

In terms of specific updates to existing plugins, here’s what we’re looking at for 3.4:

The Events Calendar 3.4

  • Complete overhaul and update to new fork of datepicker for all views! Corrects day 31 empty next month bug and adds many new features for future expansion (Thanks to Eric on the forums for the first report on this!)
  • Fixed a bug where past events were listed in the incorrect order (Thanks to Alastair on the forums for reporting this one!)
  • Number of events that can be imported from CSV in a single batch is now customizable to help avoid timeouts in low powered environments (Thanks to baynature on the forums for the original report here!)
  • General compatibility improvements to ensure better integration with WP e-Commerce
  • Fixed bug with display of comments for single event pages (Thanks to John on the forums for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed issue with tribe_create_venue() API function, resulting in unnamed venues (Thanks to Oliver for the original report of this!)
  • Fixes bug leading to list widget linking to deactivated views
  • Added hooks for use in widgets (Thanks to Andy Fragen for the request on this one!)
  • Added styles for compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen theme
  • Fixed typo in the rel attribute on “Previous Events” links (thanks to Nate on the forums for his report!)
  • When the List Widget is set to display events from a particular category, the “View All Events” link will now read “View All Events in Category” (Thanks to WCKG on our UserVoice page for requesting this tweak!)
  • Fixed an SQL error that could occur when our queries are mixed with multiple post types and a meta query (Thanks to karen on the forums for the heads up here!)
  • Classes that identify the current theme are now echoed by the body_class() function
  • Addressed an issue where the admin CSS was referencing non-existent images (thanks to geoz on the dot-org forum for the report here!)
  • Fixed a few broken/outdated links on the Help page
  • Tweaked the update notice prompts that display to appear more consistently in certain environments
  • Updated the admin icon to use a dashicon in 3.8+

Events Calendar PRO 3.4

  • Added extra reassurance that All Day events will show first on Day view
  • Fixed the automated recurrence description for events with no end date
  • Added hooks for use in widgets (thanks to Daniel Maier on the forums for reporting this!)
  • HTML tags are now properly stripped from Google Calendar descriptions (thanks to masspeaceaction for reporting this bug at the forums!)
  • Fixed a bug where the wrapper div was incorrectly being replicated each time you navigated within the mini calendar widget (thanks to timhengeveld for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed a bug where the calendar widget redirected improperly when set to show 0 events (thanks to Oliver for reporting this one on the forum!)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Show only the first instance of each recurring event” option was only affecting the first page of events
  • Addressed an issue where the “View All Events” link accessed disabled months for certain PRO users (thanks to yvrmark for reporting this bug!)
  • Scheduled events are no longer exposed before being published (thanks to adamfitz for the explanation here!)

Community Events 3.4

  • Added a “View Submitted Event” link that appears after a submission has gone through
  • Addressed an issue where the datepicker would not honor the core WordPress (thanks to lamagia on the forums for the report!)
  • Fixed a bug for PRO users where the custom venue and organizer configured in PRO would remain even after that plugin was deactivated

Facebook Events 3.4

  • Addressed an issue where the Event Bar datepicker in the core TEC plugin faced infinite load issues on sites running Facebook Events with PHP 5.4
  • Fixed a couple minor issues with wording on the Settings page

Eventbrite Tickets 3.4

  • Donation-based tickets will now show the word “Donation” under the cost column on the event edit screen
  • Improved general compliance with PHP strict standards
  • Incorporated updated French translation files, courtesy of Pierre Trochet

WooCommerce Tickets 3.4

  • When setting up a new ticketed event, sale time options are now “grayed out” until a date is entered
  • Addressed a few broken translation strings
  • Made some enhancements to comply with PHP 5.4 strict standards

EDD Tickets 3.4

  • Incorporated new Finnish translation files, courtesy of Sami Keijonen
  • Incorporated new Spanish translation files

WPEC Tickets 3.4

  • Incorporated code to better ensure smoother integration with WP e-Commerce
  • Added a .pot file so foreign translations can be added

Shopp Tickets 3.4

  • Incorporated a .pot file to allow for translations in non-English languages
  • Restored the missing license field

What’s next? We’re going to be slowing down for a week immediately post-release as we get together (offline!) for our annual team retreat. Once we’re back we’ll be focused on the next batch of releases, which will include — among other things — a total refactor of how PRO handles recurrence, making it more flexible for users with a wider range of recurring event patterns. Stay tuned for more on that…as well as some of the other tricks we’ve got up our sleeve.

Until then, have fun with 3.4! Hit us up in the forums if you encounter any issues.