Community Tickets: Sell Tickets Online Through Your Community Calendar

Our latest product, Community Tickets, adds a layer of awesomeness to your events calendar by enabling event organizers to sell tickets online from the front end of your website.

That’s right – they never have to touch your dashboard.

Community Tickets: Layers of Functionality

The easiest way to explain the benefit of Community Tickets is by treating each of our premium plugins as a layer over our core product: The Events Calendar.

Start With The Events Calendar

Our flagship plugin gives you the ability to create events through the back end of your site and display them through a gorgeous calendar on the front end. With The Events Calendar, we include all the basics you need, without dragging down your site with options you don’t. Of course, if you need additional views, recurring events, advanced widgets, we also have our Pro version available.

For many site owners, they’re golden just running The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO.

But your site is different. You have events listed on your calendar that are designed to generate revenue, so you want to be able to sell tickets online without going through a 3rd party ticketing agent.

We can help you with that.

Layer #1: Event Tickets Plus*

Enter your first layer: Event Tickets Plus

*This also works with our legacy WooCommerce Tickets plugin


Now you can sell tickets online directly from your event page without having to send visitors off to a 3rd party site.

But hold up – that’s not the only thing you want your calendar to do.

In addition to your own events, you also want other people to be able to add their events to your site’s calendar. Maybe you’re a school and you want each department to manage their own events. Or a real estate office with many agents that need to be able to list all of their upcoming open houses. Or you run an interest group and want people to contribute to your community calendar. Basically, any scenario where you want user-generated events to be added to your calendar without them needing access to your admin.

Time to add another layer.

Layer #2: Community Events

Community Events gives you the ability to accept front end submissions from users without giving them access to your dashboard. They input all the info for each event, then submit the event for addition to your calendar. (You can see this in action on our demo site.)

But wait. Some of the events people are adding have a ticket fee associated with them. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could allow those people to sell tickets to THEIR event on OUR website?

That’s where our final layer comes into play.

Layer #3: Community Tickets

Community Tickets harnesses the power of Community Events and Event Tickets Plus, and also adds functionality to create an interactive calendar that enables event organizers to post their own events, create tickets for those events, and receive payments for ticket sales. Organizers even have access to basic ticket sales reporting – all without touching your WordPress admin dashboard.

Best of all, as the site owner, you can decide if you want to charge a fee or split the ticket sale revenue with the event organizers. Community Tickets doesn’t just allow you to sell tickets online through your community calendar – it also opens up a whole new revenue model for your WordPress site.

Community Tickets: A Trifecta of WordPress Ticketing Functionality

Check out our demo video and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear how you’re using Community Tickets to increase ticket sales and increase revenue on your WordPress site.