A New and Better Way to Collect Attendee Details with Event Tickets Plus

In case you missed the big news, Event Tickets Plus 4.9 recently shipped, and with it, full support for the new WordPress block editor (aka Gutenberg) which recently shipped in WordPress 5.0. That’s right, your calendar and tickets are Gutenberg-ready. How awesome is that?

But, there’s another small but key feature that was released in Event Tickets Plus 4.9 that is worth calling out on its own: a better and more intuitive way of collecting attendee information.

What Changed?

The TL;DR is that attendee details are now collected on a new, separate screen instead of the event page where the attendee form used to be.

You may recall how it worked before. A user selects a number of tickets and the form fields show up right below before the user is able to purchase the ticket:

Now, as of Event Tickets Plus 4.9, those form fields live on a separate page that the user is taken to when clicking the “Buy now” button.

Why We Made the Change

You might be wondering what’s up with this updated flow and it basically boils down to this: better data!

Adding a new page that contains the registration fields allows us to capture these and other details in a standard way that makes the data much more flexible to provide you in the WordPress admin. Not to mention that this now makes it much more difficult for attendees to skip this information when purchasing tickets for the event.

And there’s much more to come. We wanted to give you the benefits of a better user experience up front while setting the stage for more awesomeness to come. 🙂

Go Forth and Ticket!

We sure hope you’re as excited as us about the improved user experience of this update and the opportunities it opens up for future releases. If you have any questions at all, we’re here for you and can help you over at our Help Desk.