The Dairy’s Take on Events Calendar Pro

The Dairy Center for the Arts serves as a thriving hub for the arts in Boulder, CO. It all started back in 1987 when a group of local artists received permission from the owner of the defunct dairy factory to hold performances in the plant. That same plant now holds 3 performance theaters, 3 art galleries, 22 music studios, and 7 dance studios! Definitely a great reinvention of the space.

What we really want to showcase today though is The Dairy’s use of our Events Calendar PRO on their website.

Events Calendar Pro @ The Dairy

Events Calendar Pro @ The Dairy

You’ll see that their calendar is pretty simple, but that they continued the color palette of their website onto their events calendar, but in reverse, i.e.the deep red for each calendar event is the hover color for the site’s main menu. This is an easy customization but one that makes it feel unique to this site. They’ve also added some custom type faces to the calendar and a special icon that denotes a film.

An additional feature that further communicates the custom nature of this page is their use of film photos for thumbnail images on their events. This is certainly a clever way of communicating their ethos through something as simple as a calendar. Very cool.

One interesting choice that The Dairy made was limiting the view options for their calendar to month or list view only, leaving out week, day, map and photo. This tells me that The Dairy was incredibly intentional in building this calendar to fit their communication ideals. They want to share their upcoming events with you but only in the ways that they prefer, and I can respect that.

While this calendar may not have color-coordinated events, and doesn’t wow you with a crazy layout, it does give you all the information you need at one glance, thanks in part to having it’s own dedicated page. This is after all what an events calendar is supposed to provide you with: clear, simple, and easy access to what is going on. The Dairy’s calendar achieves all of these goals in a sharp, minimal, and functional way.

Kudos to The Dairy for making great use of Events Calendar PRO!

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  1. How are they linking DIRECTLY from the Month view to the purchase page? (as opposed to people clicking on the day, then going to an expanded view, then to ticket purchase.)

    1. Hey iscla! It looks to me like they’ve created a custom view for the month view, which controls where those links go (ie – to their own configuration of the purchase page, versus the single event entry).

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