Showcase: Great Maine Outdoor Weekend

Today I want to share with you a really, really cool implementation of Events Calendar PRO. If you check out Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


They’ve got about 30 events per day happening this weekend! That’s a crazy amount of cool stuff to go outside and do, and in order to make sure that people we’re able to see when and where stuff was happening they decided to use Events Calendar PRO.

I thought this was such a cool event and implementation of our product that I went ahead and asked Kristel Hayes, the digital marketing strategist for the Outdoor Weekend, a few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose to go with Events Calendar Pro?

“I’ve used this plugin on several site implementations over the past couple of years & have been really impressed with the continued development Modern Tribe continues to put into it, as well as the ease of installing, implementing and customizing it for my clients.

It was truly the only event plugin that covered every possible base we needed covered for this specific event, including (thanks to the Community Events plugin) the capability of having nearly 100 organizations submit their events directly to the site along with their own images, and some pretty unique event details.

Because our event occurs within such a short window, and 30+ events per day, the map functionality and photo view really sealed the deal for us. Visitors are easily able to find an event near them by viewing the map, or scanning through the great Pinterest-like event listing.”


2. Was it easy to customize to your liking?

“Customization was just a bit of a challenge, specifically on the Community Event submission form, but this may have been due to customizations we made to previous/older versions of the plugin.

On the event listings, however, no special formatting was needed…did exactly what we needed right out of the box, which was fantastic.”

3. Can you explain how you used Community Events to gather info from different organizations?

“This was managed via in-person, phone, and email outreach to our list of past & potential event organizers over the course of 6 weeks. We also placed a call to action on our home page, and in our site navigation, directing new potential event hosts to our community submission form, in case they stumbled on the site by accident.”

So a little bit of work in spreading the word and boom, 90+ events were submitted, all taking place over the course of ONE WEEKEND. So cool!

Upcoming_Events 2

One neat customization that the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend site added was using the ShareThis plugin for social media sharing. It looks great, works really well, and helps spread the word about this awesome weekend. Overall, really awesome implementation of Events Calendar Pro.

Have a great outdoor weekend Maine!!

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  1. Thanks so much for this great write up Cam!!! Really do love using ECPro.

    Was thinking I should have added to my comments about the plugin our desire for Lat/Lon positioning capability, since many of our events happen at trailheads, etc where no specific address is available…we just removed the map from events/venues where this was the case. Fingers crossed that will make the list for future development 🙂

  2. This is pretty fantastic. I’m amazed at the kinds of things that people can pull off. I wish this happened in my town.

    1. Thanks Reid! We have a really great, and very passionate team of folks behind the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend…all completely volunteer, I might add!

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