How Listone Magazine keeps culture alive with Events Calendar Pro

What is Listone Magazine?

Within a small town in Northern Italy, the non-profit Listone Magazine is using community-generated events to promote the vibrant culture of Ferrara to tourists and locals.

The website is a treasured resource for Ferrara as it hosts the most comprehensive calendar of events in the entire town, including their local government’s calendar! In a place where art and music are highly regarded, the calendar is always filled with concerts, live performances, and exhibitions that bring people together to experience the rich culture and strengthen the community.

How does it work?

Listone chose our suite of events management plugins because it enables them to easily compile events from countless sources across the town and display them in an attractive and organized way.

In Ferrara, Facebook events are the most widely used tool for event marketing. Since all the town’s events are sure to be found on Facebook (as opposed to Eventbrite or Google Events), Listone can effectively collect a comprehensive list of events with a weekly Facebook import. Using Event Aggregator, they can choose whether they want to automatically publish imported events or hold them as drafts pending review.

It’s not just Listone magazine admins who produce the calendar either. The entire town partakes in building out the calendar, with local establishments needing only to ask for the password to be able to freely add all their events to the site using Community Events. Bars and restaurants in Ferrara can reach the entire town for free by posting their events on Listone magazine’s calendar instead of initiating costly marketing efforts for each of their events.


“We have tried several plugins but none is as complete as Events Calendar PRO. We have been able to customize every graphic aspect and enjoy features that make a difference in our daily work, such as Event Aggregator and Community Events, which saves us a lot of time.”

  • Eugenio Ciccone, Director of Listone Magazine