Beta Release: Gutenberg Support for The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and Premium Add-ons

WordPress 5.0 is Coming

It’s been quite an adventure prepping for the huge change that is WordPress 5.0, and in the last few weeks, that adventure has gotten super real.

Our team has been working extra hard to ensure that our plugins fully support the new WordPress editor. Thus far, most of this work has been done in our Events Gutenberg extension.

But now we’re pleased as punch to announce that block editor integration is now baked into beta versions of our plugins themselves—no extension needed!

Using the Betas

⚠️ Please Note: The beta versions of the plugins mentioned here are not intended for use on production sites. These are versions of our plugins for you to test with.

Here’s how you can access and use the betas:

  1. Log into your account here on
  2. Go to your Downloads page
  3. Download the .zips for the various plugins you want to try in the block editor
  4. Deactivate the Events Gutenberg extension on your site if you’re already using that
  5. Confirm you are not on a production site, and install the beta .zips on your site like you would any other plugin
  6. Activate the plugins and use them like normal

What’s Next?

WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to land on November 27, 2018. (FYI that this date is subject to change; you can subscribe to email updates from to stay up-to-speed on changes to launch dates and any other news.)

On our end, we’re hoping to launch an official plugin release to coincide with the launch of WordPress 5.0. (Our goal being to ensure that all of our plugins are fully compatible with the new block editor.) Stay tuned… we promise we’ll keep you posted!

Wait… what’s the Block Editor?

WordPress 5.0 will bring with it some serious changes, including the introduction of an all-new post editing experience called the block editor. (The project is also known as code name “Gutenberg.”)

Get up to speed on the impending changes, the new block editor itself, and how it will affect your site(s) by checking out our info hub on all things Gutenberg. (From there you can download our free ebook “WordPress and Gutenberg: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Block Editor.”)