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The short version Our team learned of and quickly patched a previously unknown security vulnerability in our Filter Bar product earlier this week. We take full responsibility for the situation, and we’re sorry it happened. Customers with active Filter Bar subscriptions should update to the latest version ( ASAP; customers with expired subscriptions should go…

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Hi there, This morning I renewed my subscription for Events Calendar PRO. My order number is #1630113. The communications team that works for us just let me know that we no longer use your service. Is there any way of refunding the funds? The new subscription wasn’t due to start until Sept 27th 2018. Thank…

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Hi guys, I recently put in a request for a refund and cancellation of Event Tickets Plus, but missed your reply and so the action was not initiated. Please could you process the refund and cancel the subscription, as requested previously. Many thanks, Matt Long Subscription: My Account Previous support request:

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Hello, I signed up for Events Calendar Pro and then realized that I needed the aggregator as well. I purchased the Bundle which included those two. Could I please get a refund for the first subscription of Events Calendar Pro? Thanks, Jamie